Thursday Already!??!

Am I the only one or has this summer week just flown by!?  I can hardly believe that it’s Thursday.  Which means ONE thing around here….that it’s almost Friday, which means Fabric Free For All, (in the forums) which means I have to get my act together.  Which is easier said than done, for me. Haha.

Whew!  Now, if you are still with me after all that, you win.  (just kidding)  But seriously if you haven’t gotten over there yet, DO…  I mean, who doesn’t want to win free fabric??  (no brainer, right)  It is so easy.  Remember, up for grabs is Riley Blake, Be Merry fat quarters!

SOOOO Cute! I love, love, love it!!!

I thought you might want a little look-see at what we did with the CUTE, Sandy Gervais panel that was up for grabs on the daily deal earlier this week.

Look at those reindeer! Aren’t they the cutest things ever!?

It turned out so darling, and went together in a SNAP!  I think it would make a perfect gift.

I almost forgot to mention…..there is a rumor going on around here that we will be having something for FREE on the Daily Deal. Shhhhh,  Don’t mention that you heard it here….(I wouldn’t want to get in trouble.)

I would just suggest you keep a look out.

Just saying.

New fabric….

Oh yeah!  You know I love the sound of the Brown Santa’s (ups guy) truck brakes screeching to a stop in front of the shop!  I get oh-so excited when he carries in large boxes…..and this just happens to be some fabric I have been waiting forever for.  (well, probably not forever, but it felt like it.  ha!)

Here it is, the cute, the adorable, amazing ‘Be Merry’ line designed by My Mind’s eye. (from Riley Blake)    Wow!  I love it.  I have BIG plans for this stuff.


Have you even seen anything this cute yet?!?!  🙂

Let’s just say I was gonna give you a fat quarter bundle….comment away and tell me what you would do with it!!   🙂