The family from the forum

Hey everybody, this is Al.  I had a pretty cool experience today I wanted to share.  A little while ago I mentioned on the forums that I was in Salt Lake City for a few weeks, and Kathy, from the forums PM’d me and said she and Meli (another forum-ite) were both SLC natives and would love to meet up if I had time.  Of course I had time, so yesterday, Kathy and her daughter Melissa (Meli didn’t make it, she got held up in traffic 🙁 ) and I met up for some Dairy Queen and to get to know each other.

Meeting up with Kathy and Melissa from the forums

The thing that impressed me the most was how much like family we were.  Just because we had the forum connection, we had so much to talk about.  The different swaps Kathy had been in, the different people we both “virtually knew” and all the great things we both had to say about Mom (Jenny).  She said several times how she wanted me to understand what this place (the forums) have become, how much meaning they have for everyone in them, and I think I do, sort of, I try … but actually, I don’t think I can fully appreciate the impact they have for our online family, because we all get something different out of it, and that’s awesome.

I wish I could take credit for all the good that has come of it, for all the people who have connected, who pray for each other, who help each other, who laugh with each other, but I can’t.  We started the forum, back in the early days, to provide quilting support, so if you had a question, we thought it was a good place to ask it.  Fast forward a few years and we could never have predicted that it would grow into this thriving community of incredible women (and men) who lift and support each other every day of the year.

So I have to say, thank you!  Thank you all for being a part of my life, and for loving my family so much.  You are the kindest, most wonderful people, I know I speak for all of us here, but I am humbled every day to be working on building a company that serves people like you!  And thank you Kathy for your kindness and desire to meet up, you were so complimentary of all the work I’ve been doing, thank you so much!  Seriously, you all are the best!

*read Kathy (bkthomas)’s thread here for a few more pics