Fun at the Lake…Family togetherness {and Mom went tubing}

Our family reunion was an absolute blast!  All the cousins had such a great time playing, swimming and just being together.

Mom brought her sewing machine to the lake, and I insisted she keep it in the car!  We had too much family-bonding to do, and I wanted her to relax!  {just so you know, that Woman LOVES to sew}

We haven’t been to the lake in years and this year was perfect.  We really had a blast!  We played spades, ate great food, swam and swam and did our best to just relax.  On the last full day we were there, Mom went out on the boat with us and decided she wanted to get out on the tube.  Mom {Jenny} has always been one of those Mom’s that did everything with us.  Crazy-bold-fun, that was Mom.  I was a little surprised by this, but not too much!  🙂

Anyway, she went out and had an absolute BLAST!  Look at her face!  She loved every minute of it!

She even caught a bit of air!  GO Mom!

Well, thanks for indulging me on all this family-business.  Don’t you worry, we have lots of quilting goodness coming up this week!  Some great new patterns, some AWESOME show and tells and even some new products we can’t wait to show you!

Have a WONDERFUL Monday!