I have been drooling over some pretty awesome headbands on the Internet lately.  I’ve seen the ones with the big flowers or the three beaded flowers in a row….it got me thinking about using some yo-yo’s and attaching them to a headband.  Not sure if you’ve heard, but I am addicted to making yo-yo’s. 🙂  If I am going to watch television (and HELLO- who isn’t watching right now!?!?  I love the Olympics!!)  I figured I should do double duty and make something.  So, yes I have  lovely collection of little yo-yo’s…..and it makes me happy just looking at them.

Here is what I did:

I used the small Clover yo-yo maker to make mine….and believe me.  Those yo-yo makers make a WORLD of difference!   Then you just attach the yo-yo to the headband. (I used a fabric covered headband) and sewed through the fabric on the headband and around the headband.  DO that a few times tie it off and repeat.  I am going to try attaching the yo-yo’s to the stretchy headbands next.

If you make any or have any tips I’d love to hear them or see them!!  🙂  Have a wonderful day…it is Tuesday after all.

Jeans Embellishments


How many of you have made cutoffs you wished were cuter?

Well here you go!

Measure your jeans to the desired length, add 4″ and cut off.  It’s ok if there is a whole in the knee, 3″ will be folded up as a cuff so just make sure it’s within the cuff area that will be soon covered in new fabric!

Measure the width of the pant leg double it and add a 1/2″ for seam allowances.  Using that measurement cut 2 pieces of fabric and 2 pieces of iron on inter-facing to that length x 6″ wide

Iron your fabric to your interfacing and sew the 6″ wide side together to make 2 tubes the size of the pant leg.  Leave them with the right sides to the inside and slide a tube inside one pant leg lining up your seam with the inner seam of the pants.

Fold the edge of the pants down 1/2″ line the fabric edge up with the raw edge of the pants and fold down another 1/2″ to enclose both raw edges.

Sew around the hem with a heavy coordinating thread.  Go up the leg about 5 inches and sew the inside of the fabric down with a thread that blends well with the pants.  It doesn’t need to be perfect just try to keep your fabric and interfacing flat!

Fold up the cuff and admire your work!  You can tack the cuff up if desired by stitching in the ditch of one or both of the side seams.  You now have some adorable embellished and possibly re-purposed pants!

Cute Cutoffs!
Cute Cutoffs!


is a guest blogger from the Designing Happy blog who is known for her creative uses of fabric and unique sewing style.