Dream Weaver Quilt

MSQC New Tutorial on the Blog!

Learn to make this pieced quilt that looks woven!

Children are born with an untamed sense of creativity. Give a child a box of crayons and you may end up with flying giraffes or polka-dot elephants. They don’t care how it’s “supposed” to look; they draw what they like.  But as we grow older, we start to worry about following the rules. For me, quilting is a wonderful way to get back to my creative roots. I love to take chances and try new colors and patterns.

Watch as Jenny shows you a neat technique for the Dream Weaver!

Today’s new quilt is a fun jelly roll pattern, and while Jenny uses a beautiful jelly roll for her quilt, don’t be afraid to choose something different! Right now I’m loving the Soul Mate Jelly Roll, but if it’s not quite your style, choose something you truly love! Click HERE to watch the tutorial and be sure to share a pic of your version of the Dream Weaver Quilt!

Click here so see the beautiful colors of this fun quilt!

Also, be sure to click HERE for the FREE printable/downloadable PDF!

Watch the Latest Tutorial from Missouri Star Quilt Co!