Easy Fabric Flowers

On Mother’s Day, we shared a bouquet of fabric flowers that bloom year round! We were so excited by your response to this lovely project, that we teamed up with the creator, Missouri Star’s very own, Cassie R., to share a step-by-step tutorial on how to make these easy fabric flowers!

Fabric Flowers from Missouri Star Quilt Co

Follow along below to learn how to make your very own fabric flowers. These can be made with any fabric (and are a perfect scrap buster!), however, Cassie used batik fabric strips so that the back side of the fabric is not as noticeable when twisting the flowers.

Supplies needed: 
2.5”x22” fabric strips (you can use a scrap from a package of 2.5″ strips or a fat quarter cut to 2.5”) We recommend batiks for their reversibility.
Hand needle and thread to stitch together the stem 
If desired:
Straws or mini dowel rods and super glue to use as stems 
Missouri Star Thimble Container

How to create easy fabric flowers: 

Step 1: Cut fabric strip to 2.5”x22″. Feel free to experiment with skinnier strips for smaller flowers and wider strips for bigger flowers.

Step 2: Fold fabric strip in half lengthwise, but do not press with an iron. A finger press works just fine.

Step 3: Begin at one end of the folded fabric strip and fold in about 1″ from the end and then fold again.

Step 4: Fold a third time so it’s super tight. This will form the middle of the flower. 

Step 5: With the vertical fold at the top of the flower, loosely roll it around the middle one time. 

Step 6: As you wrap the fabric strip around the middle, fold the strip about halfway. This will form the petals of the fabric flower. Be sure to keep the fold at the top of the flower.

Step 7: Keep folding and twisting to form the flower

Step 8: Continue folding and twisting the fabric around the flower until you run out of fabric or reach the desired size. As you fold, you will notice that the stem of your flower will form. 

Notice the stem forming below.

Step 8: Once your fabric flower blooms to your desired size, glue or stitch together the end to secure it. 

Use this technique to create fabric flowers that bloom all year round! Be sure to share your creations with us online using #msqcshowandtell! Happy sewing!