Jenny’s ‘Perfect Finishes’ Tutorial with Darlene Zimmerman

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Here are some great techniques for finishing your quilt!

I like a challenge, but there are a few things that are just beyond my reach. Climbing Mount Everest? Not likely. Winning an Olympic gold medal? Nope. Walking out of my local quilt shop empty handed? Not on your life!  But a scalloped binding? That’s an easy one!

Jenny and her dear friend, Darlene Zimmerman, show off some great finishing techniques!

This week Jenny has Darlene Zimmerman in the studio to show us how to finish a quilt with super-simple waves and scallops. Click HERE to watch!

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A project idea and some random..

Have you seen this yet!?!?  I love how it turned out.  Mom will explain how (in the video) easy it was to snowball the SIX inch squares in lights and darks.  Yes, you read that right.  This Charm pack, Amalie designed by Darlene Zimmerman for Robert Kaufman is SIX inches square!  It just amazes me how they look so perfect together, and really with out a lot of thought.  Dang, those designers know what they are doing, huh!

I hope you enjoy this idea.  It would be fun in all sorts of different fabric, so be creative and have fun.

This weekend…what are your plans?  Me…more SNOW around here.  I hope this time the temps will be bearable for us to at least make a few snowmen.  I actually want to make an entire snow family.  (i am crazy like that)   This winter has been so cold that our snow has just been that horrid blizzard-type snow, blowing everywhere and WAY to cold to take the kids out in.  But today we are getting those beautiful, big wet snowflakes.  I love it every time I look out the windows.

I am also planning on a HUGE Super Bowl party….you know, any reason to get together with everyone I am great with!  I love the commercials too, so I am excited about the funny things those companies come up with.  What about you?  What do you have going?