More Jelly Roll ideas and deals!!

We are having a great time at Missouri Star Quilt Co today!!  Really, is there anything more fun than playing with fabric?  Especially Jelly Rolls!  A favorite pre-cut of mine.

A close second for me is checking out all of YOUR projects (quilts-bags-pillowcases-table toppers etc)  We are going to be showing off some of the pictures that have been shared with us all day today!

Sit back and enjoy!

Thanks Janiece for sending us the pictures of the 2 bags you made with jelly rolls!  Great job!

Such fun fabric!!

I’ll be back in a flash with more to share!  Have a great day!


P.S  Don’t forget to get your Arnolds Attic Jelly Roll today for only $15.95!!

Cute and easy pin cushion

Hey Bloggers

I was searching the net for cute projects and I found these darling pin cushions. They are so cute. I have always used a magnetic pin holder but now I prefer the big cushion and I guess I will have to tell you why. When we started the shop, my hands were suddenly in the spot light and… I am a nail biter (true confessions), so my daughter had me get my nails done. Well now I can’t pick up a pin unless it is sticking out of something!

SO I love the big pin cushion.

Here is the link for the pincushions on Heather Baily’s site

The pattern is easy and makes a really nice gift.

Enjoy the Journey