Staff Picks: Christmas


Ammon aka Warehouse Monkey

Favorite Fabric: Forest Playground

Favorite Item: Stripper Template

Favorite Tutorial: Wonky Star

Wish List Item: Norwegian Woods Too Layer Cake










Adriana aka Shipping New-be

Favorite Fabric: Minkee Leopard

Favorite Item: Quilting Jewelry

Favorite Tutorial: Blades of Glory

Wish List Item: Kona New Bright Jelly Roll









Kayla Kayla aka Customer Service Guru

Favorite Fabric: Zombie Apocalypse

Favorite Item: The Purple Thang

Favorite Tutorial: Crazy Quilt

Wish List Item: Apsen Frost Layer Cake










Who knew Zombies were so adorable!! I just want to cuddle them up!

It’s Beginning to Look a lot like Christmas at Missouri Star Quilt Co

But seriously, it is. Is it too early?? It’s never too early to start planning Christmas! I’m one of those people who shops for Christmas gifts through the entire year. I’m also one of those people who sometimes spoils the occasional gift by accidentally announcing, “I bought you this really cute skirt today for Christmas!” Oops.

Anyway, we’ve got our Christmas fabrics up in the shop and up online!


christmas fabrics fw
Here they are in the shop…oh and look, Halloween is hanging out in the corner!

Finding our Christmas fabric online is super easy; just click on “Shop by Style” then head on down to “Christmas” town!

super easy!

We want to see what holiday projects you’re working on! If you’re an Instagrammer (like that’s a word?) then follow us @missouriquiltco and hashtag #iheartmostar so we can see your projects!

Riley Blake Christmas Fatquarter Bundle Giveaway

So you guys talked me into it.  I didn’t wanna do it, but I can’t resist anymore.  We’re giving away a fat quarter from each of the five fabrics we’re featuring on our site.  (If you want to see the Riley Blake Christmas Fabric check it out)  but since we do the “WEEKLY FABRIC GIVEAWAY” in the forum anyway, I’m putting it up over there.  The rules are simple, just cruise over to this riley blake giveaway thread and reply to the question.  All we want to know is what is your favorite Christmas Tradition.  Don’t reply here, cause we’ll only be counting responses in the forum (if you posted last week when I mentioned I was going to do this, we’ll count that as a name in the hat, but you can get a second chance if you head over to the forums)

Riley Blake Christmas Fabric
Riley Blake Christmas Fabric

So hooray for giveaways and thanks for playing!!