Cathedral Windows…Another favorite of mine.

When we first opened the shop  {I was very-extremely ‘new’ to quilting}  A customer brought in a quilt for a quilt show we were sponsoring.  When she pulled it out of the bag, I gasped.  I LOVED it.  I had never seen anything like it before, so she told me all about it.

She went on to tell me it was called ‘Cathedral Windows’ and told me she had made it for her grand daughter.  She then went through how each of the blocks (windows) represented something that her grand daughter did or loved.  One block had horses, one had a VW  bug,  one a sports theme, etc,etc.  {they each had a story.}  I was brought to tears thinking of all the love this Woman had put into this quilt.  Not only was that an extremely challenging pattern, it was time consuming (all that hand work) but she went above and beyond with this quilt.  I love, love, loved it!

Ever since then, I have had a soft spot in my heart for the Cathedral Windows pattern.

If you know me, you know that I can be overwhelmed in an instant with a quilt pattern.  I will take one look at it and know ‘there is NO way, I could do that’…Thankfully, I have Mom.  She has helped make things really hard, seem easy even for me to tackle!!  {and boy do I appreciate that!!}

So when we got wind of this awesome Circle Magic template, I just about lost it!!  To say I was excited, would definitely be an understatement!!  {Mom has a video tutorial showing how to use this and make the quilt}

Now, i love the line she used {Dream On, by Urban Chiks} it isn’t as ‘personal’  as the first one I saw, but I love it anyway.

What I also love, is that every quilt has a story.  We might not have a different story for each block in every quilt, but you can’t deny that with every stitch you sew into a project there is a lot of love that goes into it.  Every quilt, every wall hanging, every pillow case, EVERYTHING that you make is full of the love you have for either the people you make it for or for the organization you are donating too!    Understanding artists {yes, quilting is an art} we can be so critical of our own work, but just realize that no matter if it’s perfect or not, you are creating an heirloom that will be passed down and loved FOREVER!

What are you creating today?