Grand Square Quilt Tutorial

MSQC New Tutorial on the Blog!

Learn to make this fun Grand Square Quilt PLUS an extra quilt called Do-Si-Do all in one tutorial!

Square dancers really have to know their stuff! When the caller shouts out, “See saw the taw!” or “Allemande thar!”, they weave in and out of intricate formations with ease. Experienced dancers have up to 2,000 different moves memorized and ready to perform at a moment’s notice. And when they form the Grand Square, it’s quite a sight to behold!


Learn to make not one, but two quilts with this one tutorial by Jenny from Missouri Star Quilt Co!

This week Jenny is working on The Grand Square Quilt, but don’t worry! This block is quick, simple, and oh, so pretty! Click HERE to watch the tutorial. (And keep an eye out for a bonus Do Si Do Quilt tutorial at the end!)

Here is the diagram for the Grand Square Tutorial!

Jenny not only created the Grand Square Quilt but also, this darling Do-Si-Do Quilt just by cutting the block from Grand Square!

This is the Do-Si-Do quilt from Jenny's Grand Square Quilt Tutorial!

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