Winter Color Guide 2019

Dread the winter no more! Sure, the cold weather can put a damper on the fun things in life and those cold, messy snow piles all over the house can be annoying, but think about all the amazing things this season presents! Things like…

  • Classic Christmas movies
  • Hot cocoa and peppermint creamer
  • Crock-pot meals and hot casseroles
  • Warm, cozy quilts
  • Fuzzy socks
  • Christmas lights
  • and these beautiful color palettes!…



Shown Here: Mini Tumbler Table Runner

A monochromatic Christmas is the perfect mix of classic and modern. It’s especially great for those with white Christmas trees! An easy way to freshen up the Christmas look without the usual red and green combo. A quilt in these hues draped over the couch or made into a pretty tree skirt is sure to woo your holiday guests!



Shown Here: Simple Diamonds Quilt

Imagine yourself snuggled up with a warm quilt covered in these Earth-y tones, hands wrapped around a steaming cup of cocoa and watching loved ones open presents on an early Christmas morning.

I’m already looking forward to this moment, but now I can’t stop wondering how much better it will be wrapped in these calming colors!



Shown Here: 4-Patch Stars Quilt

Are you an elegant decorator? The one who only puts gold and silver ornaments on the tree and replaces the year-round kitchen towels for a fancier cloth? Places a giant poinsettia wreath on the front door and dresses in an array of creamy white sweaters through the season? If so, then I have a feeling these gorgeous colors are for you!

What’s your winter style?

New Friday Tutorial: The Starburst Quilt

MSQC New Tutorial on the Blog!

This Starburst Half Square Triangle Quilt is so Gorgeous! It's next on my list!

In a starburst galaxy, stars form at an amazing pace. Unlike more common (aka: humdrum, lazy, and unremarkable) galaxies, starburst galaxies are pretty much super achievers, producing star after star after glorious, twinkling star. This week’s tutorial, The Starburst Quilt, will have you creating blocks so quickly, you’ll feel like a starburst galaxy yourself. This quilt is classically eye catching and oh, so easy! Here are the details:

This Starburst Half Square Triangle Quilt is so Gorgeous! It's next on my list!

Click on the button below to watch the tutorial and get all the supplies you’ll need to make your own Starburst Quilt!

Watch the Starburst Quilt Tutorial with Jenny Doan!