Precut Tuesday!





Star Spangled Bandana






1. Bella Solids – Snow 2. Bella Solids – Hay 3. Bella Solids – Admiral Blue

4. Cotton Supreme Solids – Cherry Red 





Soho Chic for Moda






1. Bella Solids – Chartreuse 2. Kona Cotton – Jade Green 3. Kona Cotton – Berry

4. Bella Solids – Moda U Brown





Lorax for Robert Kaufman






1. Cotton Supreme Solids – Lime 2. Kona Cotton Solids – Tangerine 3. Kona Cotton Solids – Turquoise

4. Kona Cotton – Papaya





Precious for Windham







1. Bella Solids – Fuchsia 2. Designer Solids – Chartreuse 3. Kona Cotton – Candy Blue

4. Bella Solids – Gray

Have a great day!


Precut Tuesday!




First Ladies for Windham






1. Bella Solids – Together Tan 2. Bella Solids – Terrain Cactus 3. Bella Solids – Deep Burgundy

4. Bella Solids – Navy Yardage





Caravan for Benartex






1. Bella Solids – Fig Tree Cream 2. Bella Solids Jade 3. Cotton Supreme Solids – Strawberry Red

4. Cotton Supreme Solids – Bark Brown





Andrea Victoria for Riley Blake






1. Cotton Supreme Solids – Sunrise 2. Designer Solids – Bahama 3. Kona Cotton – Berry

4. Bella Solids Black


Essex Flannel for Windham


1. Berkshire Flannels – Hounds Tooth Tan 2. Wool & Needle Flannels 2 – Sage  3. Wool & Needle Flannels 2 – Denim 4. Wool & Needle Flannels 2 – Black

Have a great day!


Fabric Friday!

Beauties for my Beauties! Enjoy….

Caravan by Jennifer Young for Benartex


Soho Chic by Sandy Gervais for Moda


Wild Safari by Michael Miller


Wren and Friends by Gina Martin for Moda


Have a great day!


Fabric Friday!!

Good Morning fabric lovers!!!

How’s everyone summer going? I hope things haven’t been too hot for ya… cause with all the new fabric, things are about to get a whole lot hotter! (Cheesy I line, I know!)

Baby Jane by Eric & Julie Comstock for Moda


Breezy Batiks by Moda


Christmas Countdown by Deb Strain for Moda


Civil War Jubilee by Barbara Brackman for Moda


Ghosts and Ghouls by Myiesha & Katie for Windham


Precious by Another Point of View for Windham


Snowfolk by Cheryl Haynes for Benartex


Winter’s Lane by Kate & Birdie Co. for Moda


Have a great day!


An adorable tutorial,from YOU!

Our facebook friend Sandra, uploaded a picture of a quilt she made and several of us wanted directions!!  Well, it’s your lucky day!  Sandra emailed me her directions and I am thrilled to share them with you!  Oh my, don’t you just love it!!?

3 5×5 charm packs            iron and ironing surface

1/2 yard solid fabric          machine or hand sew
cutting matt                      rotary cutter
straight edge                    coordinating thread

To begin I lay out what i will need. ( sort of like cooking)
The first charm pack is cut into 4 triangles. I do this by laying my ruler from corner to corner and cutting with my rotary cutter. Then without disturbing the fabric i lay the ruler to the opposite corners and cut again. So you are cutting an X. That gives you 4 triangles the same size. These are mixed up and sewn into the hour glass block style using 4 triangles. Next the charms from pack number 2 are cut into 3 equal strips (approx. a scant 1 3/4″) You mix these up and sew into blocks of three strips each. Now cut each of these into 3 equal strips, mix up again and sew three strips each to make your nine patch style block. Now is a good time to iron each block if you haven’t after each step. Next you will sew together alternating 9 patch and hour glass for a total of 8 blocks in a strip. I do have one block at the end of the last row that is solid. I use this to either sign and date or embroider a message to the receiver. Then sew these strips together to form your quilt.

Cut your solid fabric into 3 1/2 x 44 (fabric width) this is your first boarder. Attach down the sides first then trim excess. Next sew top and bottom strips. Trim now as these pieces are too long as well. Charm pack number 3 is cut in half and the pieces are sewn end to end to make the outside boarder. These are also sewn down the sides trimed and then top and bottom.  Trim the extra fabric and you are ready to quilt.

FYI:  the fabric she used was Garden Song, by Nancy Halverson from Benartex.

Thanks so much for sharing your directions Sandra!  I can’t wait to make mine!  I am just in love with the quilt!

Have a great day to you all, and don’t forget to enter our giveaway, for your chance to win a free class with Jenny!  Go here!