Tube Quilting Technique!

So this is an AMAZING, fun and fast way to make a block, that has the look of a “string quilt” block or  an hourglass block.   The cool thing about this idea is that you are able to either make it very matchy-matchy or you have the freedom to make it very random and scrappy.  Their are also a lot of other ways to put it together, and you achieve a totally different look however you choose to lay it out!

All kinds of ideas are mulling around in my head of what else is possible with this technique.   Jelly Rolls make this so easy, too!  (I already have plans to piece one with honey bun strips.)  I can’t wait to show you!  I swear, once you try it you will be SO hooked.

Here is the ‘Main’ tutorial for the technique…..Oh man, you are gonna love it.
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Jelly Roll Week…all about coins

Coins, coins, coins……I bet you’ve seen them all over the ‘world wide web’ this summer, and you are dying to make one!!  They are easy peasy, and you will love the end result!

Using a jelly roll makes it so much easier, because your 2-1/2 inches are already cut, all you have to cut is your desired length.  We chose 5 inches for our example, here. Then you use a coordinating fabric for your sashing and BAM, your done!

If you have made one before, or if you make one after watching this video, upload a photo of your finished project to the forums!!  We’d LOVE to see it!

Thanks so much for joining us this week, for Jelly Roll Week!  We have lots of fun in store.  Videos everyday, a giveaway or two and lots of fun ideas to get you thinking for the holidays!  🙂  Stay tuned…..this is gonna be fun!

*fabric used was one Zippity Doo Dah Jelly roll (by Sandy Gervais) and Bella Solid (Navy) by Moda