Meet Missouri Star: Ammon & Jarom

Meet Missouri Star: Ammon & Jarom

Today’s Meet Missouri Star post introduces you to Ammon (on the left) and Jarom. This pair of brothers can be found in the warehouse, hauling boxes, organizing arrivals and knowing exactly where things are on each shelf. They’re really pretty amazing. And like Ammon says in his interview, together they are “Jammon.” Ha! Want to meet them? Let’s go!



Ammon is our warehouse manager and has been with us for two years now. Sarah is his sister-in-law, so though he’s not a Doan, he’s definitely family! 

Any special experience that helps you with your position? I worked for 11 years for a company that merchandised in Walmarts, was in a lot of Walmart back rooms and delt with all different kinds of product. Stocked, did inventory counts, helped customers find what they wanted, and had to remember all the things we had avalable for sale. Turns out, all those things are very useful still!

How’d you land the job? My sister-in-law and friend,  Sarah, called me one day and asked if I would be interested in working for them. I said, “No.” I was happy with my job of 11 years. But something kept bugging me to check it out, so I did. Came in to check it out, met with Sarah, had decided to take a chance and take the job. Sarah spent the next 30 min or so trying to talk me out of taking the job because they couldn’t pay what I was currently making, but I am so glad she didn’t. It has been a crazy ride so far, but a worthwhile one. And it is great to be working with family and all the wonderful people at MSQC. What a story and what a ride. Thank you Sarah for the job, and for not talking me out of it. 😉

Do you sew? I can sew. Buttons on shirts, patches on pants and things like that. I have yet to attempt a quilt. That will be someday in the future for me! I do have a fabric line picked out for my first one!

Any crazy work stories to share? Everyday is a crazy work story for me! We receive thousands of pounds of fabric everyday, I did most of that all by myself for about a year. Just recruited my little brother Jarom, and we got twice as busy after he came, so thank goodness he came when he did. All alone I was just Ammon, you add Jarom to the mix, and now we are Jammon! Life is good. 😉

Favorite type of fabric? The fabric line called Gorjuss, and I am also a big fan of the socky line

What do you like best about your job? Working with my family. And being close to home. And meeting people from all over the world!

Anything else you want to share? I have a beautiful wife named Cyndi, five boys and one baby girl. I love movies ( big Tim Burton fan), books, frisbee, and basketball, love to bounce on the tramp with my kids and just hang with them. I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and love Jesus 😉 am a bit of a goofball, and my wife says I’m a flirt. I also love skulls (very fond of my own), am a fan of the outdoors, love all the little plants and animals that you really have to search for, like blue tailed skinks, oreals, snakes, and spiders (especially jumping spiders). But even though I like the out of doors, I’m not a fan of camping!


Jarom is Ammon’s warehouse assistant and has been with MSQC for three months now. 

Any past experience that helps you with your job? I delivered appliances and furniture for a company in Idaho for eleven years and then was a salesman for them for one year. So I have lots of lifting and product handling experience mixed with some people skills.

Do you sew? I’ve sewn some buttons back on shirts before. But no, not really.

Any funny work stories to share? I’m Ammon’s younger brother but I’m a bit bigger than him. It’s always funny when Ammon introduces me as his little brother. A few of the girls in the shipping department can’t remember my name, so they just call me Big Ammon.

Favorite MSQC product? We just got a new line in called Gorjuss. love it!

Anything else you want to share about yourself? I’m married to the most amazing woman in the whole world! We have six beautiful children. We love to spend time together reading books, watching movies, enjoying the outdoors, hanging out with grandma and grandpa and aunts and uncles and cousins.
I play the piano, love to ride my motorcycle and enjoy sports.

What do you like best about your job? Working with Ammon every day!


How about those brothers?! Pretty awesome guys, right?! You can tell in the photo that they really enjoy being together and we love seeing family members side by side, creating such cool teams. If you enjoyed reading about Ammon and Jarom, check out the other posts in our Meet Missouri Star series. We’ll be back on Monday with more folks for you to meet! 


Meet Missouri Star: Kayla & Katie

Meet Missouri Star: Kayla & Katie

We’re back in the Customer Service office today, meeting two more members of the helpful crew here! Ready to meet Kayla & Katie?



Kayla has been a customer service representative for ten months now. Have you had the chance to talk with her on the phone? Let’s learn more about her!

Do you sew? What do you make?  I have a five year old daughter that loves fabric just as much as I do. Anytime I find a new fabric that I think she might like I surprise her with it. I’ve made her skirts, dolls and pillows but my favorite projects are children’s quilts!

Favorite fabrics? Moda and Riley Blake fabrics.

Best thing about your job? I love everyone I work with!





Katie is our product photographer, whom you might remember from this recent “behind the scenes” post! She’s been with MSQC for two years now and her tale of getting the job is a fun one!

How’d you get the job? When I walked in the shop, I was only hoping to get a job for the summer. I had just graduated college and back at home until I found a “real job.” But then Sarah called me in and asked if I could take some pictures and design a few things!


Do you sew? Yes. I like quick and easy projects.

What’s your favorite customer story? I do the Precut Tuesday and Fabric Fridays, and some ladies came to the warehouse for a tour and Carol introduced me and what I do. As soon as she mentioned the blog they went crazy! Telling me how much they love it and how helpful it is! I didn’t even know people read them!

What are your favorite fabrics? Modern Fabric, like Tula Pink and Kate and Birdie

What do you love most about your job? The best thing about working at MSQC is meeting people from all over, seeing the new product and working for a family company.


Come back next Monday when we meet more members of the growing shipping crew!


Under Construction

Under Construction

Today we’re bringing you a quick peek at some more of the progress here on the main drag in Hamilton.

hamilton, mo, hamilton main street, missouri star quilt company

Brick work is underway on the next quilt shop (#5!), which will open this summer. This one will be our batiks shop! As you can see, it sits right next door to the Sew Seasonal shop.



Across the street, back on the same block as the main shop, is a new restaurant named Blue Sage. This building has been home to restaurants before, but it’s getting a bit of a redesign for Chef Chad Rigby, seen here giving the project two thumbs up! The outdoor patio was just poured last week. Yahoo!



Blue Sage will be a great place to take a date or to sit down for a nice, fancy lunch after some quilt shop hopping. We can’t wait to share more as the restaurant gets closer to opening (this summer!).

Seeing this buildings hopping with activity and full of construction crews sure is a pretty sight and makes our hearts so happy. We’ll get back to work so it can be finished in time for your visit!

Meet Missouri Star: Anna & Becky

Meet Missouri Star: Anna & Becky

Today we’re stopping by to meet two fantastic ladies in the customer service department. The entire department truly prides itself on hunting down any information a customer might need… right down to the brand of shirt Jenny was wearing in a certain tutorial (True story! You think we’d make that up?!). Ready to meet Anna and Becky?

meet missouri star quilt company, customer service


Anna has been with MSQC for three months now and jokes that she landed the job by “begging Sarah! I just love her!” She doesn’t quilt yet, but- watch out, folks!- she’s purchased her first layer cake and is going to give it a try! She loves it when customers tell her the stories behind their quilts.

Favorite fabric? Civil War prints

What do you love most about your job at MSQC?  I have lived here for 40 years. This town looks awesome since MSQC has came to town. Everyone is just so nice and fun!

meet missouri star quilt company, customer service



Becky is quite the dynamo! She joined the MSQC family a year and a half ago and is now the Customer Service Manager. She loves to talk and visit with new people. “Talking is a skill that I have mastered through the years!! My husband says I could have a conversation with the wall!”, she jokes.

Do you sew? I do sew. I have made a couple of quilts. My 10 year old son has started to quilt, as well! He just got back his very first quilt from our quilting department and he takes it every where with him!

Any favorite fabrics? Minnik and Simpson jelly rolls!

Do you have a good work story to share? Oh my gosh…where do I start. I have had the chance to meet and talk to some of the best people from around the world! Recently, one of our frequent machine quilting customers from San Francisco came to visit. I went to lunch with her! She was a superstar in my eyes and it was so exciting. I have been on the phone with two ladies from Israel when they started fighting! This last Christmas I got to play Santa Claus for two wonderful husbands that gifted their wives a retreat for Christmas. I called the ladies during the time their families were opening presents and told them the exciting news. It was so fun and the ladies couldn’t believe it!!! These are just a few of the many memorable moments from my days here.

What would you share about your life outside of MSQC? I am married and have one son. We are very active in 4-H. I have lived in Hamilton since I was 3 years old and would never live anywhere else. We live on a 85 acre farm just outside of Hamilton. I love helping my husband farm and my son with his prize show pigs. We are a very typical Midwestern family wouldn’t trade it for anything! 

What do you love most about your job at MSQC? I love the family atmosphere. The Doan family is so caring and understanding! I couldn’t ask to work for a better family! I also love talking with quilters from around the world, listening to their stories and making new friends. I really do have the best job in the world!


See? I told you they were awesome. We’ll return to Customer Service again next week to meet two more crew members! In the meantime, you can catch up on all of our Meet Missouri Star posts!


Meet Missouri Star: Amanda, Carol & Dylan

Meet Missouri Star: Amanda, Carol & Dylan

Today we’re back in the shipping department to meet more of the crew working to get your orders out the door! This department set a new MSQC record recently and we want to pause the get-to-know-MSQC fun to share about it!

On Friday, May 16th, they 2303 packages out the door. AMAZING! We can’t say enough great things about the people in this photo. They LOVE our customers and are truly just as fun to work with as you can imagine. Way to go, shipping crew!!



Ready to meet some more of them?



As you can tell from her photo, Amanda is a shy and quiet employee who started working here this spring. Don’t worry, though. We’re working to help her come out of her shell. *wink* 

Do you sew? My Grandma taught me how to sew along with crochet many years ago. Kinda got away from it when she passed away 11 years ago. I still sew simple things and patch, but after starting at MSQC I have found the desire to start getting back into it! Now to just decide what project I want to start with!

Any favorite fabrics you see while working? I love the variety of so many fabrics to choose from. Seeing the new stuff come in is pretty awesome.

Favorite thing about working at MSQC? Working with a great bunch of people is very refreshing!



Carol is the Training Manager and prior to that, she managed the shipping department. She made the transition from customer to employee three years ago and we couldn’t be happier! 

How’d you land the job? I was a customer at MSQC before I was an employee. I was so happy to learn that a quilt shop was coming to Hamilton. I had been wanting to learn how to quilt. I took the very first class that was offered back in November of 2008. It was the zigzag table runner class. Some time later, I happened to be shopping in the store one day when Sarah asked me if I knew of anyone who needed a job. I said, well, maybe me. The rest is history.

What types of projects do you like to make? I quilt and love it. I have a goal of making everyone in my family a quilt. I also make baby quilts and love to give home made gifts. They just offer that extra special touch to show the gift getter some special love.

Favorite fabrics? I love all of the fabric that Deb Strain creates!

Do you have a funny work story to share? We like to take a little extra time to give our customer a little special attention in shipping by writing a hand written note on each order. Several of us at various times have been writing a note and maybe doing a little talking at the same time. Some notes that we have had to white-0ut include, ‘Thanks for the weekend’ and ‘Thanks for the water.’ Ha!

Any parting words for blog readers? I have been married 31 years. We have one son, a daughter in law, a granddaughter who is four and grandson who is 19 mos old. We love to travel on our Ultra Classic Electra Glide Harley Davidson. Besides quilting, I also love to read and am active in church activities. I have lived in Hamilton almost all my life and am ecstatic that our little town is coming to life, and has hope and a future. It means so much to me that it is hard to put it into words. (Missouri Star note: Aw! The feeling is mutual, Carol! We love this town, too. And our employees? We can’t ask for better!)

What do you love most about your job? Our employers make sure to let us know how much we as people and the work we do is greatly appreciated. We are told and made to feel that way in many different ways. Not something that I have experienced in such a way at other places I have worked. 



Dylan has joined MSQC about seven months ago. He doesn’t sew, but fabrics with camouflage or outdoor imagery catch his eye when they come through shipping. Speaking of camo…. Dylan loves being outdoors, hunting and fishing. Another fun fact? He works with his mother, Anna!

And the best thing about your job? The work environment is great. Everyone that I work with keeps the mood of the work place all happy. I feel like I’m just part of a big family and always feel very welcome as if we are all just a big family.


Aren’t they so great? We hope it’s fun for you to put some faces with those notes in your packages! We’ll cover more shipping crew members later. Next week, it’s off to customer service!