A quilt for the School….

My first experience at Market was INSANE…..but one thing I remember (really, a lot of it was a blur!!)  was an adorable quilt made by Barbara.  You know, the ‘Quilt Soup’ Lady!  She was so kind to us and we chatted away with her, and I just had to have the pattern for the quilt called “Bad Dad.”  She told us the story behind it and i was just smitten by it.  I have children in Elementary School, and our community had just broken ground on our new Elementary building.  The timing couldn’t have been better.


So away we went….got home and got to work on this little number we are donating to our Brand New Elementary School.  We couldn’t be prouder of our community.  We appreciate all of our teachers and students for all the hard work they do.  Rumor has it they are planning on hanging it in the office!  (I can’t wait to see it up.)  Honestly, this quilt was hard for me to give up…..I love the ‘Recess’ line (Sandy Klop is a genius) and I just thought it was so darling…..I so hope they enjoy it (like I would if it was gracing the walls of my house!) hehehe, Okay…I’ll quit whining~


Piece out Ladies…..(teheheheh, get it!?!?)  😉


Oh and one more thing….we are SO busy this week…..like, seriously heads might explode and everything.  But, I am going to give you updates on all of our Quilt show preparations, and booth set up.  Yeah, I am gonna be that annoying one with the camera.  (hey, whatever helps get me out of all that hard labor.)  🙂