Fabric Friday!

Fabric Friday!

Happy Friday!

So whose ready for the school year to start? Did you remember to pack your Frixon pen, scissors, rotary blade with an extra blade, ruler, spinning mat and pattern books? And for lunch don’t forget a sweet treat, perhaps a honey bun, jelly roll or a turnover?

OMG! What am saying!?!?


1. Back to Charm School Softcover Book 2. Type Layer Cake 3. ABC 123 Games Green Yardage

4. Thankfully Sew School Days Pattern 5. Quilter’s 4 Pack 6. Pretty Sporty Soccer Yardage

7. Type Paperclips Grey Yardage 8. Bake Sale Jelly Roll

Don’t forget to watch Jenny’s Merry Go Round Quilt! But try not to get dizzy!

Merry go round

Have a great day!


Knee deep…

Knee deep…


in back to school stuff over here!  One week till the Heavens open the school bells ring.  We are making sure we have all of the supplies we need, and even a few extras.  We have all the latest fashions bought up and ready to be worn on the first day of school.  (anyone else out there that shudders at the clothes that are out now??)  Neon, converse and skinny jeans?  Really?  I know I am outing myself as an OLD un-cool person, but I just can’t believe that my kids are into the same stuff I liked waaaay back when.

We are gonna work on some fun, cute teacher presents this week….so stay tuned.