50-40 or Fight Freestyle Quilt

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54-40 or Fight Freestyle Quilt

Before 1920, American women didn’t have the right to vote, but you can bet your boots they had opinions! And you can find a record of their political voice in the loveliest of places: their quilts!

54-40 or Fight Freestyle Quilt

When James K. Polk ran for president in 1844, he promoted a new northern border for the Oregon Territory at the 54°40′ north line of latitude.

54-40 or Fight Freestyle Quilt

Polk’s supporters immortalized his campaign slogan, “54-40 or Fight,” with a quilt block so gorgeous, we’ve been stitching it up ever since! Click HERE to learn how to make an easy 54-40 or Flight Freestyle Quilt!

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New Friday Tutorial: The Andes Quilt Featuring Guest Quilter and Fabric Designer Mary Fons

MSQC New Tutorial on the Blog!

Make the Andes Quilt with Jenny Doan and Mary Fons! Free Tutorial!

This quilt features the brand new fabric line created by Mary herself, called Small Wonders for Springs Creative and it is filled with what Mary calls “irresistible small scale prints” perfect for patchwork. If you love a print, you don’t have to worry about cutting your favorite design in half or not seeing the complete print when you cut your fabric to piece together into a quilt! It has a beautifully vintage flare and it’s just so cute!

Jenny and Mary Fons


This quilt is a slight variation of the 54-40 or Fight Quilt. Watch in the tutorial how you can flip a few squares and get the original. We can’t wait to see what you make with this pattern! Make sure to share on social media using #andesquilt!

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Here are a few quotes from Mary Fons that we love:

“When life as you know it is torn into a zillion pieces, it just makes sense to tear up fabric into a zillion pieces and then sew it back together again into organized blocks with a nice French-fold binding.” (Source)

“Once the quilt bug bit me, obsession set in.” (Source)


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