Missouri Star Quilt Co. Precut Fabric Infographic & Printable!

Precuts. Oh, lovely and wonderful precuts. We sure love ’em around here! We’re often asked how many of each precut it takes to make a ______ sized quilt. Or which pattern is great for each precut type. So, since we love our customers SO much, we whipped up this handy (and totally clickable!) infographic for you! Try clicking all around the different sections…. you’ll go right to the supplies and tutorials you need! How cool is that?! Pin it, share it, bookmark it….make it work for you!

We also made a fun FREE printable for you! You can download that here!

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Prayer Flag Jelly Roll Project – Quick and Easy

Welcome to the “Let the good times [JELLY] Roll!” – our three day Jelly Roll extravaganza!  Starting today through Friday we have awesome deals on Jelly Rolls!  Each one will be OVER 50% off!

We have a few cool ideas to go along with our deals for you over the next few days!!  We hope you like them!

First up, I have been excited about playing with my Prayer Flag Jelly Roll from Moda Fabrics. I have tried a few different combinations, but my favorite came in using this super easy tube quilting technique. To do this, all I needed was the following:

1 Prayer Flag Jelly Roll

1 Natural Jelly Roll

Border fabric

We can handle this right?!!  I just sewed everything into tubes and went to it with the rotary cutter.

It went together in an afternoon, it was so quick, so easy, and came out great (I think! 🙂 ) I haven’t had time to quilt it yet, but I wanted to share it with you.  What do you think?

Also, today only, we have the Prayer Flag Jelly Roll on the Quilter’s Daily Deal for $16.95 That is an amazing price, so grab one!!

Sugar Pie Honey Bun(ch)!!!

Finished Product

“…You know that I LOVE You! I Can’t Help Myself, I love you and nobody else!…”

Oh yeah! Honey Buns are great! They are the little sister to the Jelly Roll…a sweet little package of one and a half inch strips.  All from one line. All coordinated! Endless possibilities!

Today I have two fun projects for you…first the canister. You all know how much I LOVE to recycle so here is another Green project! Here is what you’ll need:


a can…any size will do. I am using a #10 can for a canister, but I think smaller cans would be adorable too. Perfect project for kids and great gifts for teachers!

  1. Mod Podge
  2. foam brush
  3. scissors, and pliers
  4. and of course, your favorite honey bun! We are using Fresh by Deb Strain
Be Careful!

First, make sure that your can is clean. Next, I took a pair of pliers and just squeezed around the lip of the can to make sure there are no sharp edges left.

Unwrap a smile
Time to get dirty
Starting out
Start Wrapping
Oh Podge

Then comes the fun part…open up that jelly roll! I know its so hard to unwrap such a pretty package…but, you can do it! Choose six or seven of your favorites and line them up in an order that you LOVE! Then just start slathering on the mod podge…I started at the top of my can and folded the fabric over the edge to make a nice finished look.Take the strip of fabric and cut it where it overlaps itself. Take your time and try to line up your seam. Be sure to seal it with lots more mod podge.

Then you will want to continue coating your can with mod podge and lining up your strips until you reach the bottom of your can. I lined my final strip up with the bottom edge of the can and then added a final coating of mod podge to the entire thing.

This will make a nice sealed finish. If you want a smooth feel or a shiny look, just spray the can with a craft varnish. It will dry clear and looks beautiful!

Looking good

And there you have it! a lovely canister! Use these for storing spoons, scraps, buttons, toys, pencils, they would make gorgeous planters for the front porch, or a lovely herb garden…like I said before…Endless Possibilities! So very GREEN!

Isn’t it just the cutest little thing…oh, and do you see the little kleenex holder in the picture…That little honey of a project is coming right up!  So, check back soon, your next tutorial is on its way! and believe me, with one honey bun…you can make a BUNCH of projects!!! Love it!

A Quickie!

I just LOVE the pre-cut fabric. It is so nice to have a slice of each piece of fabric from the entire line. I also LOVE the cute way they are packaged up. Moda wraps them so sweetly with their twill tape…adorable. I now have a growing pile of twill tape at my house! So, in an effort to go green and reuse everything I have been thinking about what to do with this marvelous little bonus gift that we get every time we buy a layer cake or jelly roll. Well, here’s an easy little project for you. A lanyard to hold your scissors. p2150207
I never wore scissors around my neck until I started quilting and now, I don’t know what I would do without them there! I used to lose my scissors all the time! Not so much anymore…So, here’s what you do… Continue reading “A Quickie!”