Update on the Easy Pinwheels

Update on the Easy Pinwheels

If you haven’t seen the super easy pinwheel check it out –

But there are some questions that arise when you are doing more than the standard charm pack. So we went to our users and they came up with some great info to work with. Try the following –

Here is what have discovered…Cut your squares of fabric:

3 3/8” = 4” Block

4 1/2” = 5” block

5 1/8” = 6” block

5 7/8” = 7” block

6 5/8” = 8” block

7 2/8” = 9” block

8” = 10” block

8 5/8” = 11” block

9 3/8” = 12” block

Now here is the formula, it blew my mind but thank goodness for calculators!

Finished block size x 1.41 = finished diagonal

Divide the answer, the finished diagonal, by 2. Add 0.875″ and round up to the nearest 1/8″ to find your parent block size.

There, aren’t you glad I just gave you the measurements?

Pretty cool eh’!! Just to be sure, I did make the 4”, 5”, 6” and 7” blocks with those measurements and they were spot on. I hope this helps you all! Let me know how it works for you.

  • Linda Horne

    The chart is great I need to add flying geese and corner squares the size have to match with this chart and a flying geese chart no math to work with

  • Cathy

    You need to change your chart formula instructions at the end. The last step should be to add 1 1/4″ to get a starting square size, not 7/8″. This will help a lot of people out!

  • Christiana Dean

    That is the addition size the block is when set on point. Ex a 10 in block set straight is 10 in, but turn the block on point to set it, it is now 10 in + 1.414 =11.414 in for block size.