Hamilton Visitor’s Guide: MSQC Quilting Building

Hamilton Visitor’s Guide: MSQC Quilting Building

Today in the Hamilton Visitor’s Guide series, we stop in at our longarm quilting department! If you hop in on one of the walking tours we give, your tour will include a stop here!


As you can tell by the photo, this building was once the public library here in Hamilton. It is one cool old building and we love knowing that so many quilts are finished here in a space that has such a neat history. (And have no fear, book lovers! The library now operates out of a newer building!)

Step inside the quilting building and you’ll see seven Gammill longarms filling the space and working steadily away at quilting gorgeous customer quilts.


Each quilt that arrives is checked in carefully and tagged before being staged for quilting. More quilts are hung on shelving in a nearby room.


Colorful thread and great big rolls of batting are kept at the ready!


The staff who work in this building make such a great team. Did you read about two of them who were profiled recently? Between the day and the night crews, these machines see quite the variety of quilts, designs and thread colors. Our staff would be happy to answer questions if you stop by on a tour…. they are often asked about batting, thread and quilting designs!


If you’re thinking, “Wait! I didn’t know Missouri Star offered machine quilting!” then you’ll be happy to know you can find out all the details here.

Thanks for joining us on our tour of Hamilton and Missouri Star! If you have a visit to Hamilton planned, be sure to check out the rest of our Visitor’s Guide series!

Hope to see you here soon!

The Statler Stitcher…

The Statler Stitcher…


is getting a workout!  Mom has been crazy busy cranking out the quilts. Everyday we are grateful for the ‘work horse’ of a quilt machine that we got.  We LOVE our long arm!

Mom was able to attend a ‘Statler Stitcher support group’ and LOVED it. (Sibs)

She met some wonderful ladies, enjoyed their company and even learned some new tricks.