New Friday Tutorial: The Self Binding Baby Blanket with Shannon Cuddle

New Friday Tutorial: The Self Binding Baby Blanket with Shannon Cuddle

Quiz: What’s the softest thing in the universe? Teeny baby kittens? Not even close. Downy ducklings? Spring lambs? Puffy white clouds? Nope, nope, nope!

I can't wait to make this super quick, cuddly blanket with Jenny's Self Binding Baby Blanket using Shannon Cuddle fabric!

Truth be told, you just don’t know how soft “soft” can be until you wrap a chubby-cheeked baby in Jenny’s new Self Binding Baby Blanket made out of super-fluffy Shannon Cuddle fabric! This blanket is as cute as it is soft, and it can be whipped together in mere minutes! This self binding technique is even easier than in our original Self Binding Baby Blanket tutorial! With Cuddle, they edges don’t fray, so you don’t even have to fold over the edges. It really comes together so quickly!!

I can't wait to make this super quick, cuddly blanket with Jenny's Self Binding Baby Blanket using Shannon Cuddle fabric!

Mary Gay Leahy, who is a teacher for Shannon Fabrics and a Cuddle Expert, likes to travel with the first quilt she ever made with Cuddle, which also has flannel on it. The flannel parts are all pilling and faded now, but the Cuddle all still looks as good as new, even after over 150 washes! So, not only is this a quick, easy project, but it will last forever!

Jenny creates this blanket with two layers of Cuddle, but you can also use two layers of Embrace Double Gauze or one layer of Embrace with a layer of Cuddle!

If you’re new to using Cuddle, here are some tips to make life easier: Use a walking foot, a longer stitch length (about 8 stitches per inch), and if you have a stretch needle handy, that will make things go a little smoother. And when you first cut it, it will shed, but if you throw it in the dryer with a clean lint trap, so it can finish shedding, then it will never pill or shed again!

Click on the button to watch the tutorial and get all the supplies you need to make your own Self Binding Baby Blankets!

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  • LaniB

    If you use flannel instead of the cuddle, wouldn’t the edges tend to fray even if you use a decorative stitch?

  • It could, so it may be better to tuck your edge under a little bit before top stitching it down. 🙂

  • Joanne Engelbert Paulie

    Hi, I would like to make this blanket but in a larger size for my one year old. Can you suggest how much material I would need to purchase to make the blanket around 42×52? I’m new to the sewing world, and your tutorial is so helpful.
    Thank you in advance!!

  • Marian

    I think as long as the measurements are ten inches bigger in all directions it will work. That’s my plan anyway!!! I want to make larger ones too

  • Abbey James

    That has got to be the best job ever. All that soft comforting goodness to be around every day. I would be in heaven.

  • Diana McClure

    Diana McClure:
    I sew with flannel. Topstitch in a little further from the edge and then clip the flannel like
    you would on a Rag Quilt. Then wash and dry. Makes for a nice edge.

  • Shirley Forwell

    can you make this quilt in a twin size?

  • Mary Horner

    I did a flannel self binding baby blanket but something went awry with my corners. They don’t lay flat, more curved or something. Help! I don’t know what I did wrong.

  • Wanda Blake

    I am in ‘love’ with making these blanket!!

  • Valori Kay Bross

    I am in need of some designer help. We have some Shannon Fabric Rose Cuddle®

    Breeze. We are going to make a body pillow, and also a 55×60 throw. We are looking for a coordinating fabric for the breeze color. Have any of you used that color, or do you have samples lying around. It is for my 12 year old daughter. The cute patterns seem to go with the teal color, but we have the breeze color. It is so hard to do all of this online. Wondering if any of these would coordinate with the breeze color: 1. Zig Zag Cuddle®

    Topaz/Charcoal/Snow. 2. Premier Dandelion Cuddle®

    Teal/Snow 3. Premier Blooms Cuddle® 4. Premier Oceano Cuddle®

    Teal/Snow, 5. Peacock Cuddle®Teal

    I think my daughter like the 1. choice Zig Zag the best. I tend to like Peacock and Premeir Blooms. Ultimately, we are looking for the best match though. So if any of you have worked with a combination of those fabrics that would be great.