Professional Classes!

Jenny has been hard at work filming professional tutorials the past few weeks.  She was approached by a company that produces high-quality tutorials on a wide range of topics to do a series of tutorials designed to teach people how to quilt.  These will be available for sale in the near future and we will post the links to get them for those interested.  They’ll be great for beginners!  Don’t worry though MSQC YouTube fans, we will still continue to release free YouTube videos on a consistent basis.  Check out a quick sneak peak of some behind the scenes filming action below!

  • OOOOH! this is awesome! I can't wait. Your tutorials are the best!

  • Jan

    Sarah!! (and Jenny!!) It was so fun to see you guys even just on this little clip — I read everything you put out and with the love I have for quilting (no skills, for sure but great love!) maybe someday even I could do something like this! Miss you guys!

  • Hendersonc63

    That is so cool. I am a big fan of Jenny's tutorials. She has played a huge part in my quilting learning.

  • Educatedblkwoman19

    I just luv all your tutorials! They are very informative, fun to watch,and creative. Keep them coming. : )

  • Jo Ann

    I love your tutorials. They are wonderful and explain things very well. I will be interested in purchasing the new ones!!!

    Please continue to do the short “free” ones. It is great to learn new techniques and how to use the tools and notions.

    Thank you for sharing your talent.

  • Jnnoelle

    AWESOME! You are the best, Aunt Jenny!!

  • Elips858

    Congrats….to Jenny and the Missori Staff. Your tutorials are the only ones I watch as I can reproduce the results at home exactly as taught. Well Done!!!

  • Carolesampson

    This is really good news for us all. Enjoy it, you deserve it x. thank for all your help.

  • VTigger23

    Just curious when you will be selling your DVD's that you talked about. I see only one DVD available and it isn't yours yet. Do you have a scheduled release date? I love your tutorials and am anxious to purchase your dvd