Hamilton Visitor’s Guide: JC Penney Home & Museum

Hamilton Visitor’s Guide: JC Penney Home & Museum


Did you know that Hamilton is the boyhood home of JC Penney? It’s true! When you come for a visit to our quilt shops, you’ll definitely want to leave some time to visit the JC Penney Museum and boyhood home. And since Hamilton is a (fabulous) small town, everything is right within walking distance.


Just two blocks down from the main shop, you’ll see the JC Penney Museum at 312 N Davis Street. Hours are Monday thru Friday, 9am-5pm and Saturday from 9am-12pm.


Walk in, head to the right and you’ll find a room full of memorabilia!



Oh! Hey there, J.C.!


Check out the gorgeous desk!


Open since 1976, there is so much history and a wide variety of unique retail artifacts here! If you’re looking for a place to send your husband while you shop, this is a great option!

Back across the hall is the Hamilton Library!


Head back toward the main shop and you’ll see the JCP boyhood home just across the street. Tours of the inside of the home are available. Just inquire at the Museum to see if someone is available to show you around!


Remember that part about everything being in walking distance? The building in the background is our longarm quilting building. Which also happens to be the old library!


We love being surrounded by such great pieces of history and we’re proud to show off our hometown. We hope to see you here soon! If you’re planning a visit, be sure to check out all of the posts in the Hamilton Visitor’s Guide series!

  • Fran K

    That settles it! If I win the lottery Hamilton is going on the list of places to visit in the US, along with Savannah, New Orleans, Boonsboro, Seattle and Vegas. In the meantime I’ll continue to read your blog and enjoy the photos.

  • Vickie

    So good to see what great use your family has made of what used to be empty buildings in Hamilton. Success stories like yours, and like JC Penney’s in his heyday, are part of this country’s backbone.

  • JenniferMSQC

    Thank you so much, Vickie! We’re having the best time. Hope you can come for a visit at some point!

  • JenniferMSQC

    We’re so honored to be added to your travel list, Fran! We’ll get your room ready!