Fabric Friday!

Fabric Friday!

Oh boy, do I have a treat for you!! Have you seen Jenny’s tutorial on the Jelly Roll Race? Do you wish you could make it bigger? Well just call me a genie because I’m about to make your wish come true! Abracadabra!

Screen Shot 2014-03-12 at 3.22.41 PM

Ok, I’ll be honest, I didn’t figure this one out, Mable, a customer service rockstar did.

This only works on the original Jelly Roll Race and not Jelly Roll 2.

I made one with just 80 strips and it takes an extra step plus borders to make it work. However there is also not the 18″ waste at the beginning, so you will not cut any off.

To make a jelly roll race large enough for a queen bed without any borders would take 98 strips. King size would take 116 strips. And you still have to start with three separate strip piles divided equally into thirds.

When using two jelly rolls you must start with three groups of strips instead of just one long one.

Open your jelly rolls and leave them in the order they came in with the second jelly roll under the first.
Put the first 26 strips in your first pile.
Cut off 29 inches on the 27th strip and add to the end of the first pile.

Start pile 2 with the remaining piece of the 27th strip and add 26 more strips.
Cut off 14 1/2 inches of the 54th strip and add to end of pile two.

Start pile 3 with the rest of the 54th strip and add the remaining 26 strips.

jelly roll update

Follow the videos direction of how to sew the strips end to end.

Begin with pile 1 and sew the strips end to end so that you have one giant strip that is just over 1100 inches long. Repeat with pile 2 and 3.
Sew those three separate piles side by side so you now have one piece 6.5 by 1100.

jelly roll update 2
Now you can follow the regular directions of folding in half, sew down the length, and clip the end so it lies flat. Now you are 6 strips wide. Bring the ends together, sew and snip and continue to repeat until you reach the desired length.

You will come up with a quilt top that is approximately 69 x 96. You would need to add 8 inch borders to the sides only to make it wide enough for a queen size quilt if you 80 strips. To make a jelly roll race large enough for a queen bed without any borders would take 98 strips. King size would take 116 strips.

Boom! Wish granted!


  • Thanks for calculating the strips needed for bigger sizes. I just finished quilting my first JRR in Chantilly for Moda. I did not throw away the 18″ tail, although I understood why everyone says to do so. I also mixed up the colors instead of just going in order. I chose 5 strips, cut them in half and randomly added them back into the strips. I still got a lot of color changes in top with good placement and no waste. I trimmed it in mitered borders of the matching red with butterflies and the large red flower on blue for the outer border. I bought a walking foot and am determined to learn to quilt my own, but do not have the right machine, so after stitching in the ditch, I did repeating 45° angled lines two inches apart in both directions. I stitched the ditch with a yellow that matched on top (my roommates choice) then did the lines in a matching red. Turquoise in the bobbin matched the big red flowers on the turquoise blue backing perfectly! I love how the red pops against the very colorful top. Now, to bind it!

    I got my Block 2 days ago! Love it! in Bothell, Washington

  • Diane Ulitsch

    I am actually making a king size jelly roll race with 3 jelly rolls right now. I did not trim of the 18″ and I am stopping when it is 16 rows wide. So I am doing that three times and then I will sew all three pieces together. It will be 96″ x 100″ without borders! It is going to be the easiest king sized quilt that I ever made! FYI, I am using Robert Kauffman’s Fusions Textured collection!

  • MSQCKate

    That sounds so pretty Gayle! Chantilly is a great line for spring.

  • MSQCKate

    That’s going to be so pretty Diane and BIG!!!

  • Gwenna

    Do you have a good inexpensive source for jelly rolls Diane Ulitsch?

  • Diane Ulitsch

    Here at Missouri Star Quilt Company. I wait for the daily deal of the day!

  • Cathy

    Don’t buy cheap ones, I should have bought mine here. I got some on sale at Joann’s and the width was different on the strips.

  • Diane Ulitsch

    Yes, Missouri Star Quilt Company! They are online and out of Hamilton, MO. The owner, Jenny Doan, does tons of videos on You Tube for various projects using pre-cuts.

  • do you fix quits for money? I have one with a couple rips. Its a keepsake, worth fixing. -Jim Pruett (901) 213 7824

  • Jeri Wilson

    Hi Diane….I am wanting to do a jelly roll race for a king, which sounds like it needs 3 jelly rolls. Katie posted directions for a Queen using 2 jelly rolls and starting with 3 piles. She cut some inches off 2 different strips to make the piles equal length. Did you use those directions for the king? Or did you just sew each jelly roll pile together as is? Did you plan for borders? I want to get the directions down clearly before I start1!! Don’t want to screw up 3 jelly rolls!
    Jeri at jeriw1949@yahoo.com

  • Diane Ulitsch

    I followed the directions for using one jelly roll making each one at a time. The only thing I did differently was that I stopped when the piece was 100″ wide instead of 50″ wide. I did this 3 times and then sewed all three sections together. I also added a 6″ border all around so the finished size was 112″ by 112″.

  • Wendi

    Hello! I am sorry to hear your quilt is ripped. It must be loved incredibly. I am sorry to say that we are not set up to fix quilts but if you want to email us a picture at info@missouriquiltco.com we might be have some tips for fixing the quilt.

  • Jeri Wilson

    Thanks!! Did you cut off 18″ at the beginning of each jelly roll? If not, did the diagonal seams between strips end up scattered all over the quilt rather than clumped? I haven’t done a jelly roll race before, so I probably am not too smart starting out doing a king!!

  • Diane Ulitsch

    Yes I cut off 18″ as directed from the video for each piece.

    If you haven’t done one before, I would make one as described in the video as a lap quilt just for some practice. Then you could go onto a king sized one! Happy quilting!

  • Chris, Medford, WI

    I have made the jelly roll & was about 48″ wide so how do you make it 100 ? My daughters bed is 112 x 112 wide?

  • Diane Ulitsch

    It’s easy! Don’t sew it together the last time, stop when it is about 96″. Then repeat the process two more times and sew those three pieces together and add a border. Does this make sense?

  • Chris, Medford, WI

    So before you ‘fold’ it just let it go to 96″ wide& then start it again?

  • Diane Ulitsch

    Chris, no! Watch the full video FIRST! After sewing all the jelly roll strips together to make one super duper long strip, you then fold it in half and sew it together. Normally you keep doing this until it is 48″ wide (about a lap sized quilt size). In order to make a king size quilt, when your section reaches 96″, do not fold it again and sew it like it says in the video, STOP sewing at this point. Once that section is 96″, repeat the process again with your second and then your third jelly roll. I hope this helps!

  • R London

    I’m confused, I’m going to make my first queen jelly roll quilt and I followed your directions making the three piles out of 2 jelly rolls. I want to make my quilt without a border and I have one more jelly roll. How do I add strips to make the three piles equal 98 strips?

  • R London

    Okay, I re-read and see what I missed. Thank you!