4×4 Quilt Tutorial

4×4 Quilt Tutorial

Learn a fast and easy way to remake this classic look.

A 4 x 4 truck can get you out of a sticky situation in deep snow or mud. A 4 x 4 wooden beam can support an amazingly heavy load. But a 4-patch quilt block? Well, that might be the most powerful of all!

Jenny teaches a fun and fast way to recreate this classic look!

Quilters have been stitching up 4-patches since the dawn of quilts. They’re true quilting powerhouses: easy to make and endlessly versatile! Put ‘em together in just the right order, and you’ve got a beautiful new 4 x 4 quilt! Click HERE for a free PDF download/printable of the image below!

This PDF is a great way to imagine this quilt in a different color pattern.

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UPDATE: We had a bit of an oops while filming the 4×4 Quilt, and Misty shows us the correct measurements in the video below. You can also download the digital pattern HERE.  We apologize for the confusion.

  • Lu

    Thank so much Jenny. I love your video to and your bright and cheery attitude makes my day! You have so many different patterns it is hard to choose just one but I must make a decision soon and go for it.

  • Karenh

    Hi. Ive been a huge fan, supporter (aka msqc loud mouth) of Jenny and MSQC and all the fun tutes found here . i actually made an imprompt visit to Hamilton several years ago and managed to time Jenny and Natalie being in store..the origional store..such gracious women and a visit Ive treasured as a quilter who quilts as a daily therapy from lifes ailments. After seeing the newest 4×4 quilt tute, and having one jelly roll Id been hording, I ventured out to start the 4×4..until the part where even Jenny couldnt figure out why the sewn strip panels didnt come out correctly when doing the fold over/ cutting..heres my frustration: mine didnt cut right either..what went wrong Jenny? I know on your OTHER tute for scrappy 4 patch you used charms..would that account for correct sized 4 patches? Im frustrated at cutting like Jenny shows and yet wasted that part of the construction because its not working..I dont have any ” stash so my fabric supply is limited, and a priceless gem to me..what went wrong Jenny in why that 2.5″ cut doesnt work?

  • Sandy

    The the end piece will be short because you’re cutting off 2 1/2 inches from a
    4 1/2 inch piece on the end.

  • karen hopkins

    I realized that but also realized Jennys other tute on making scrappy 4 patches started out with charms snd not 4.5″.

  • Sandy

    I would use some scrap fabric and cut the sections 5 inches long instead of 4 1/2 and see if that works.

  • Joleen

    I am having the same problem! Sewed all my jelly roll strips together, cut my 4.5 squares and then stitched together in row…. now cant make the math work – have tried the fold over /cutting – Nope:( any suggestions Jenny??

  • Krista

    They posted an update video at the bottom of the page