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Catching up and Eden Quilts!

Catching up and Eden Quilts!

Well, I have neglected this poor blog haven’t I?  I have been sick with a head cold from ‘youknowwhere’  Ugh!  I am hoping it is on it’s way out.   🙂

Things have stayed busy, at home and at the shop.  We are redecorating for Springtime and having so much fun with that process.  All the beautiful new spring time fabrics are so inspiring!  Eden, Spring Fever, Verna, Dill Blossom, Hunky Dory, Love….I could go on and on.  Really though, I just need anything around me that reminds me that Spring IS coming.    🙂

We finished the Eden quilt and made a display with it.  It is such an easy pattern that Mom made using a jelly roll and a charm pack.  (yes, A charm pack.  as in one)

Adorable, isn’t it?  I think it would cheer up any bedroom…just what the doctor ordered, if you ask me.

Well, you all have a great day.  I’m off to take more cold medicine and start a load of laundry!  (fun times!)


PS.  We have so much to show you.  Tutorials, patterns…ideas and more.  Exciting things are  happening for us and I can’t wait to tell you about them all!!

*** UPDATE ***

We have this great tutorial Mom and Natalie did up, take a look –

WIN a $25 gift certificate to MSQC

Hey, did you hear that!?!?!?  Yup, YOU can win a $25 gift certificate just by doing a few things in the Forum!  Go here to check it out!!

pssst:  It has something to do with pictures…you know how much we love those things!!  🙂



I have been drooling over some pretty awesome headbands on the Internet lately.  I’ve seen the ones with the big flowers or the three beaded flowers in a row….it got me thinking about using some yo-yo’s and attaching them to a headband.  Not sure if you’ve heard, but I am addicted to making yo-yo’s. 🙂  If I am going to watch television (and HELLO- who isn’t watching right now!?!?  I love the Olympics!!)  I figured I should do double duty and make something.  So, yes I have  lovely collection of little yo-yo’s…..and it makes me happy just looking at them.

Here is what I did:

I used the small Clover yo-yo maker to make mine….and believe me.  Those yo-yo makers make a WORLD of difference!   Then you just attach the yo-yo to the headband. (I used a fabric covered headband) and sewed through the fabric on the headband and around the headband.  DO that a few times tie it off and repeat.  I am going to try attaching the yo-yo’s to the stretchy headbands next.

If you make any or have any tips I’d love to hear them or see them!!  🙂  Have a wonderful day…it is Tuesday after all.

All the way from Chicago!

All the way from Chicago!

Guess what happened this weekend in the Shop…

We had a lovely visit from one of our forum members.  It was so exciting to meet her and put a face to a name.  She came all the way from Chicago….

Patticakes was her name, and fabric buying was her game. (har-har, I know…I am hilarious)  Seriously though, it was a wonderful surprise and I so enjoyed visiting with her.  She brought along her boyfriend and his friend and they were especially good sports, hanging out and letting us ladies jibber-jabber!  (It is our specialty, you know.)  🙂

She picked out some pretty gorgeous fabric too I  might add.  She got her hands on the new Whimsy line (by the Fig and Tree Co.) and she also got the Eden (Lila Tueller) fabric she needed to make the new quilt Mom just finished  (I will post pics soon, I promise!) Much more too, though we promised to keep the total hush-hush.  We take care of our girls, you know.

Anyway, thanks a million for making the trip to see us, PattiCakes!   Just so you know,  she is as sweet as her name sounds.  🙂

Here’s to another great week ahead…one more day/week closer to Spring!

****By the way, the pic at the top of the post is a random image I got off google.  Wouldn’t that have been the perfect Valentines present!?!? A pink sewing machine.   Dang, I wish I was that lucky!

I hope you were.  🙂

A new video…I love the Dresden ruler

A new video…I love the Dresden ruler

Dresden Plate Flower TutorialYes.  Isn’t this just darling?  Mom whipped this out one afternoon and now I have another reason to be obsessed with the dresden ruler.  🙂  It doesn’t take much for me, obviously.  But I love how quick making one of these is.  Mom did a little video for you.  Have you seen it?  Well…if not here it is for your viewing pleasure.  🙂

A great, fast wall hanging to brighten any spot in your home.  Or to give as a gift.    ( and we could always use quick gift ideas!!)

Are you all ready for Valentines Day?  Any romantic or fun or quiet plans?  We have a ‘traditional’ dinner (stuffed french toast) and then I give the kids a little present and tell them why and how much we love them.  It is sweet and fun.

Natalie and I put together a little garland, you can actually see it in the background in the video, on the door behind Mom.  It is really easy.

Well, have a wonderful, happy Friday.  I hope that you have a weekend full of love and hearts…and some really good chocolate!  🙂