WOWIE WOWIE! 100,000 Subscribers on YouTube! Amazing!

So we had a cool moment this week – if you weren’t paying attention, you would probably have missed it.  We hit the 100,000 subscriber mark on YouTube!  Hold on, let me say that again, we have 100,000 subscribers on YouTube!  CAN YOU BELIEVE IT!!??  That means that there are 100,000 people who get notified every week about a new quilting idea or tutorial – a HUNDRED THOUSAND of them!  We can’t hardly imagine 100,000 of anything, but of passionate fans and customers, that is truly amazing!

How many of you were with us from the get go?  Leave us a comment if you’ve seen them all!  Did you know we launched in February of 2010 with our first video?  Mom had never done a tutorial, so we got together with a little point and shoot camera and decided to give it a shot – no mic, no lights, just Mom.  When we started working on it, Mom actually broke her leg when she tripped on the quilt machine (how’s that for blood sweat and tears)!  We were in a time crunch cause Alan was flying out and he had the camera, so with Mom hopped up on pain killers and sitting in a wheelchair (you can tell if you look close, as well as the crutches we didn’t realize were in frame in the back on some of the other videos shot that day) she took her first stab at doing a tutorial 🙂  –

We start trying different ideas and angles to figure out what was most helpful and interesting to customers and fans, and as we made more tutorials, Mom really came into her own.  People connected with her because she is … well she’s just Mom.  She explains stuff so even her non quilting sons can understand it, and that’s her rule.  If one of her boys watched her tutorial, would they know how to do the project.  And they do!  Jake, who does the filming now, made his wife a dresden plate quilt from what is now one of our top 5 most watched tutorials –

The filming continued, the equipment got better, and the filming improved (thanks to our brother Jake who has turned into the industry pro).  We now have multiple shots, filming in HD,  better lighting, and a proper mic so you can hear what mom says.  Also, I think Mom’s hair has gotten way better too 🙂

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It took us over 3 months to get to 1,000 subscribers.  In May 2010 we hit the big 1,000 mark.  Then in March of 2011 (9 months later) we hit 5,000, December of 2012 we reached 50,000, and now we’ve hit the big 100,000 mark!  Pretty cool stuff.

The coolest part is if none of you had taken the time to watch, subscribe, like, comment, shop, email, call, and give love, we would have had to stop early on at the four patch tutorial done on our goofy home camera.  But because of the continued support and love, think of all the other videos you have made possible!  So I guess what we’re trying to say here is THANK YOU!  Thank you so much!  Thank you for letting us do what we love and more importantly, for loving what we do!  We love you all!