We’re OPEN!!!

It’s been a wild ride!  Blisters, sore feet and full out exhaustion but we are finally open in our new space!!!  It is amazing, and roomy and bright and full of fabric!  I can hardly believe how full it is!  We thought there would be no way we could fill this new store so fast!  Well, we proved ourselves wrong, AGAIN!  LOL!

Here are the pictures you have all been waiting for!

The view when you walk in. (off to the left!) Our lovely built in thread display.


Looking towards the back of the shop. Mmm, yummy fabric!

Part of our ‘brights’ section, looking towards the front of the shop.
Delicious fat quarters! You can never have to many! 🙂

We have been extremely blessed the last few months, with help from our amazing friends and family!  Bob, Bernice, James and Deloris we could NOT have done this with-out you!  ( They helped us with all the shelves for the fabric bolts!  And anything else that we needed help with!)  THANK YOU, is just not enough!

We really do appreciate everyone’s help!  Moving day was crazy!!  We had so many helpers.  Carolyn and Kenny….without your truck and trailer, we would still be hauling bolts over!  (seriously, oh my goodness, that was a lot of fabric to carry!)

I hope you enjoy the little sneak peak! I have to get back to pricing and labeling and re-arranging.  We are looking forward to the bus trip this weekend!

I’ll post more pictures and show off more of the building this week!! Check out our facebook page for the picture of our sign going up!

Have a great Monday everyone!