Update: the good, bad and the ugly.

Buying old buildings have, let’s just say… up’s and downs!  We aren’t new to the work it takes to make them beautiful, but it can be quite a roller coaster!  We have all the old paneling ripped out, all new electrical run, all new lights wired, all the (well most of the insulation) scooped up-bagged and hauled out. We’ve filled a huge dumpster several times over and burned a lot of wood.  Mostly we love it!

Dad, Seth (my husband) and Al have been working non-stop on the little (LOL) project and have made huge progress!!  We have two new bathrooms framed in and duct work and all the other ‘lines’ you need for a new furnace ran.  Progress is good. (and expensive!!!)

Then….it rained! It rained through the roof.  You know, puddles on the floor?!? That was a pretty stressful day.  We figured out where it was coming in (kind of) and came to the realization that we needed a new roof!  OUCH!  (remember though, it has apartments above it, and it also came through those. gulp.)  Then it leaked around the front windows…the insulation was soaked.

Positive attitudes prevail, and we were glad that the new sheet rock wasn’t up yet and glad to see where the problems are and can fix them.  Silver lining, people!!  🙂

Mom was excited about all the lights in her studio…here is a pic of her showing me where she will sew…hahaha can you see it?  She’s pushing fabric through her imaginary sewing machine?

Oh and here she is showing us the bathroom….no explanation on what she is demonstrating.  (oh, MOM)

There is more wiring and more insulation!!  Will it ever end??  It feels like you are in the destruction state of remodel, forever sometimes!!

The kids doing what they LOVE…playing and burning!  They have been such troopers!  They helped us haul wood and bags of trash out all day!  (well, between playing and chasing each other all around the parking lot!)

Look at the windows.  We had the shutters and the trim painted white.  Doesn’t it look marvelous?  We have had people ask where we bought the shutters and if we found the trim pieces in the basement!  They have been there all the time!!  They just needed a little updating!  Sparkling white really does the trick!!

Here is a look of the front of the building during the painting process.  Oh boy, do I have some BIG plans for that overhang!!  I am pretty sure you will LOVE it!

So, yes.  This is it.  This is what we’ve been up to!  Feverishly, trying to get it all done by May (ish) and hoping that we have all the BIG issues fixed!  We are getting more and more excited about getting in here and decorating.  It has so much room!  We are planning the shelving units now.  (Bob and James…are you ready to start building??)

We hope you all had a wonderful weekend enjoying the Holiday!  We sure did!  It was beautiful weather and wonderful to visit with the family!  (no work involved!  well, only if you don’t count cooking and cleaning up dinner as work!)

Talk to you soon!