Tutorial Reboot: Valentine Heart Quilt Featuring Guest Blogger Christie Hurst

Ā It’s time for another Tutorial Reboot! This month we want to introduce you to Christie Hurst! We know you’re going to love this one!! šŸ™‚

Make a Valentine Heart Quilt! Free Tutorial!

Hello! My name is Christie and I blog over at Lemon Squeezy Home and also Love From Ruby.

Make a Valentine Heart Quilt! Free Tutorial!


Love From Ruby is the whole reason I chose to use the Valentine Heart Quilt Tutorial in the first place! I have a two year old daughter with a congenital heart defect so anything with hearts makes me smile. This quilt will be donated to the Cardiac Intensive Care Unit on December 17, which marks two years since my Ruby had her open heart surgery.

Heart Quilt // love from ruby

You can watch the video tutorial from Jenny Doan here!

I love how this quilt turned out! The video tutorial is very clear and easy to follow. I chose to make a baby quilt in boy colors. There are just not enough boy heart themed items sometimes!

Heart Quilt // love from ruby

I didn’t always love to quilt. It hasn’t been until this summer that I’ve started to quilt more and I’m hooked. Initially I was pretty sure I hated it when I made my first quilt, ha! I haven’t made a lot of quilts, but I am learning more with every quilt I finish! This heart quilt is my 10th.
Heart Quilt // love from ruby
I’m in the process of making another with my sisters for my Aunt for Christmas. There is just something about giving a quilt to someone that I love–I feel I am wrapping them with my love when nothing else seems to suffice sometimes.

Simple Heart Quilt Tutorial and it's FREE!!

To make this baby quilt, you need 1 Ocean Cotton+Steel Basics charm pack (will not use all), 1.5 yards Kona White for the background and sashing, 1/2 yard XO Night Owl Cotton + Steel for the binding (will have plenty of that left over) and 1.75 yards Dottie Bluebird for the backing. And of course batting, thread, and time. Though I love baby quilts because they are so quick to make!

So you will need to use:

-24 charm pack squares: 4 squares of 6 different matched fabrics

-twenty-four 2.5″ white squares. I cut 2.5″ strips and then cut that into squares.

-twelve 5″ white squares

-twelve 2.5″ x 9.5″ strips white fabric

-twelve 2.5″ x 13.5″ strips white fabric

-sashing 4″ wide (I didn’t get the exact length measurement on this, so sorry!)

Heart Quilt // love from ruby

The video has you iron the white squares in half diagonally but I drew them. On the 5″ squares you draw from corner to corner, then measure half inch a way and sew down that as well. In the video she saves them for a cute little centerpiece made from the smaller triangles sewn together, but we will use ours in the quilt so hang onto them!

Heart Quilt // love from ruby

So you will use the larger triangle for the hearts, and save the smaller one for the border.

Heart Quilt // love from ruby

Sew along all the lines and you’ll end up with this. Make sure to press well!

Heart Quilt // love from ruby

Sew one side of the heart together top to bottom and repeat with the other side.


Match the seams up and pin, then sew the two sides of the heart together.

Heart Quilt // love from ruby

Now add the sashing. Do the 9.5″ strips on the sides first, and then the top and bottom 13/5″. I like to pin from the middle out and then sew. It helps to keep it from getting wavy. This is especially important the longer your sashing pieces are.

Heart Quilt // love from ruby

Make sure to press well throughout the entire making of the quilt block.

I’m sorry I didn’t record the exact measurements of the sashing everywhere, but measure the middle of the quilt and the edges for an accurate sashing measurement. As I said, I used the smaller triangles cut off from the 5″ squares at the beginning so you will have to factor in those squares as well.

Heart Quilt // love from ruby

If you want to learn more about how you can help families who are affected by a congenital heart defect, then click HERE.

love from ruby

Thank you so much for having me MSQC!