The New Shop! The Beginning..

Word is out!  We’ve bought a new shop! (it was an antique shop)  It is on our little towns main street, and we couldn’t be more excited!!  (and overwhelmed!) The previous owners bought it 20 years ago, and haven’t made any updates since.  (I can’t say I blame them.  Can you imagine, having a full shop and trying to renovate!?  I can’t.  That is why we are doing it this way)  So, we have the HUGE task of ripping-tearing down-remodeling-re-painting-re-carpeting-re-designing EVERY inch of space here!  Want to know something crazy?  Our family LOVES this type of thing.  We have grown up (thanks, Mom and Dad) working hard, and being able to see beauty and character in the ugly-overwhelming-old buildings or houses.

Alan and I were talking the day we closed on this building, and it seems like the minute we get comfortable (getting the website working, shop is running smoothly etc.) we jump on to a bigGER project!  It’s almost like, we have to have something crazy going on at all times!  LOL, can any of you relate?  We really, are so excited.  This shop is going to be perfect for us.  We are going to have a designated classroom (open to everyone and anyone ALL the time, to work on your projects!!) Mom will have her own design studio, already outfitted with a giant window looking out into the shop!  I have already made jokes about putting Mom behind glass!  (this way we can filter her a bit more. hahahah!!)  I kid-I kid!!  We have so many plans and ideas.  It is going to fit us so much better and grow with us.

I can hardly wait to take this journey, and share it with you all!  Wanna see some pictures??  Here you go:  The BEFORE, in all her glory!

Standing to the right of the main entrance. Love all that paneling!!


Turned around, this is the entrance. We have great window display areas. Some major ripping out is in order here!


And here is a sneak peak into Mom’s studio!! The wood floors in here are amazing! I promise! There is so much potential!!


I hope you can catch a glimmer of the awesomeness that is coming!  I will have so much to share with you in the upcoming weeks, and will be thrilled to invite you to our big grand opening party!!  You know you won’t want to miss it!

Have a wonderful day!