The Blipper Blanket

Learn to make this fun fleece blanket, that is sure to keep those toes warm!

We’re living in 2018, folks.  I must admit, I always expected it to be a bit more…futuristic. You know, flying cars, robot housekeepers, vacation homes on Mars. That kind of stuff. But even though you won’t be traveling to work by jetpack any time soon, you CAN snuggle your blankie allllll the way up to your chin without leaving your feet out in the cold, and THAT’s an invention that’ll change lives!


Jenny shows a unique way to create a fleece blanket that will always keep your feet warm!

The Blipper is a super soft fleece blanket with a pocket for your feet. (Blanket + slipper = Blipper. So clever!) Click HERE to shop our fleece selection and get started on your Blipper; you’ll never have chilly toes again!

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