Motivational Monday: The Best Medicine…

Motivational Monday on the MSQC Blog
Quilting is the Best Medicine Free Printable from MSQC!
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There was a story featured in our July 12th Daily Deal email from Mary Beth (every Tuesday we share one of your stories… there are some really wonderful ones!). It was Mary Beth’s story that inspired our Motivational Monday printable for today, so click on the image above so you can print it for your sewing room! Here’s what Mary Beth said:

“Several years ago I was ill for an extended period of time. My life consisted pretty much of shuffling between the bed and the sofa. I had long hours of free time but no hope of being able to do what I most loved: making quilts. But those unfinished projects piled in my upstairs sewing room were never far from my mind and I yearned to bring them to life again. Then inspiration struck: the dining room!  I wasn’t going to be serving dinners in there anytime soon. My daughter and husband were most cooperative. They hauled down my sewing machine, cutting tools, ironing board, endless gadgets, as well as piles and bins of fabric and, of course, the unfinished projects.

“I could tolerate working about fifteen minutes at a stretch. I learned to iron sitting down. As I worked on  my various quilts in this way for more than a year, I found it to be liberating and life affirming. I had accomplished something by the end of each day. I once again felt the satisfaction and joy of a finished quilt project. My daughter was thrilled with the Bargello wall quilt I completed for her office. When my guild did a mystery quilt I was able to participate. I made charity quilts. I had something cheerful to mention when talking to friends and family and they got excited for me as well.

“This was not only therapy for me it was therapy shared. I was sewing again; surely all was right with our world. Eventually I grew stronger and moved back into my upstairs sewing room.  However, I no longer accumulate partially finished projects on my shelves. Everything started is a work in progress until finished and somehow that feels therapeutic too!”

Pictured below is Mary Beth’s daughter Katy and the Bargello quilt mentioned in the story.

Mary Beth (1)

Whatever you’re going through, we hope that quilting can offer you a little reprieve. Download the printable for a little extra reminder. It’s not just a hobby, it’s preventative medicine! 🙂

Happy Quilting!

Motivational Monday Part 4

Motivational Monday on the MSQC Blog
Quilts Happen One Stitch at a Time! Free Downloadable Printable
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It’s the last week of National Quilting Month but that doesn’t mean we want all the quilting motivation to end! On this Motivational Monday, we hope you always remember that quilts happen one stitch at a time. When the process seems long, difficult and time consuming, remember that every stitch counts. Each and every stitch is a stitch of love for someone to wrap up in and when all those stitches come together, the end result is beautiful! <3

Click on the image above to download this Free PDF Printable and hang it in your sewing space as a reminder that every stitch counts.

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