Playground Quilt

Playground Quilt by the Missouri Star Quilt Company.

When Jenny Doan was a child, she lived in an idyllic little town called Spreckels, California. 

In the center of town stood a park circled by a wide sidewalk, the perfect canvas for chalk artists to create all sorts of interesting scenes: Fields of poppies, snow-capped mountains, coral reefs filled with rainbow-hued fish.

How she wished to hop right in – Mary Poppins style – to explore those magical worlds!

Playground Quilt by the Missouri Star Quilt Company.

This week, Jenny is working on a Playground quilt that is as charming as that small-town park. It’s a beautiful jelly roll + layer cake pattern made with easy flying geese, square in a square, and blocks with snowballed corners.

Playground Quilt by Jenny Doan of the Missouri Star Quilt Company.

You may know this old-fashioned favorite as Swing in the Center. We’re using cute 30s prints to give it a vintage look. Follow Jenny’s tips for keeping your points razor-sharp—you’ll never lose another point! 

Click HERE to watch the tutorial! 

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