Pinwheel Frolic Quilt

The Pinwheel Frolic quilt from Missouri Star Quilt Co.

When pioneers trekked west, they took only what could fit in one small covered wagon. Most worldly treasures were left behind. 

But quilts? Quilts were an absolute necessity. They were used as shelter; they were used for warmth. Quilts swaddled babies and protected fragile family heirlooms as they bumped and jostled along the dusty Oregon Trail.

The Pinwheel Frolic quilt from Missouri Star Quilt Co.

Those antique pioneer quilts were made from scraps, skillfully stitched by hand into simple 9-patches, log cabins, and pinwheels. 200 years later, we are making those same old-fashioned patterns, and they’re just as pretty as ever! 

This week Jenny is working on a beautiful variation of the classic pinwheel using precut charm packs. Pinwheel Frolic comes together lickety-split with easy half-square triangles and a pretty, decorative sashing. 

(Watch to the end of the tutorial for a fabulous bonus project: A matching burrito pillowcase with a cuff and flange!)

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