Send Jenny Around the World!

One of the benefits of being made of paper is that Jenny can travel comfortably around the world or around your neighborhood. Print, decorate, and take your very own Jenny along on your daily adventures! You can also mail her to your quilt-y friends near and far. Ask them to take Jenny to their favorite landmarks and take pictures to share with us so we can see all of the fun Jenny had. Share your Jenny photos at #flatjennyontheroad. Thanks for playing!

1. Download and print the Jenny template HERE.

2. Decorate Jenny to make her your own. She might like a fancy new dress or even a hat!

3. Take Jenny with you on your adventures and photograph her wherever you go. Then, share the photos with us!

3. Another fun options is, you could think of a friend who might like a visit from Jenny.

4. Place Jenny in an envelope and mail her off to a new destination.

5. Ask your friend to photograph Jenny at their favorite landmarks and then share the pictures with you and with us using #flatjennyontheroad.

FREE September 2020 Quilt Planner

It’s our birthday month and we’ll quilt if we want to!

Ah, September. The leaves are changing, the kids are back-to-schooling, and the sweaters and hot cocoa are calling! Even though our shops are temporarily closed, like every September we are planning lots of Birthday Bash fun – online! So be sure to save the dates in this month’s quilt planner – September 24 – 25!

Download the September Quilt Planner to prepare for celebratory fun and all the projects that go along with it!