The Crown Quilt

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Learn to make this darling Crown block with Jenny's Quilt Tutorial.

The next time a British monarch takes the throne, keep your eyes peeled for St Edward’s Crown. This 12-inch-tall crown is made of almost 5 pounds of solid gold and 444 precious and semi-precious stones, and it’s been sitting on royal heads during every coronation since the 13th century. (In the market to purchase your own? Start saving now. This crown – along with the rest of the crown jewels –  is worth around 7 billion dollars!)


Jenny shows off a fun fast way to create the Crown Quilt!


This week Jenny is stitching up a crown of her own. The Crown Quilt is a new take on a traditional block. And of course, Jenny has all the best tips and tricks to make construction a breeze. Click HERE to learn how to piece together the cuddliest crown of all!

Here is the layout of the super cute Crown Quilt.

Be sure to click HERE for the free printable/downloadable PDF!

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