Part 5: Stay open or close it down?

That was our first thought…

Seriously.  She really broke her leg.  Right there, at the quilt shop!  * A little background to the story:  We had this bright idea that we wanted to do videos (who knew anyone would watch them) and my brother was in town for the week to film a few.  So, to get Mom more comfortable in front of the camera my brother had her give a tour of the shop and our progress so we could send it to Dave (our other partner).  Well, she made one pass through and Al realized the camera wasn’t on.

Now, you guys are a bit familiar with my Mom right?  Well, the second time through she was REALLY hamming it up for the camera.  Jokes were flowing, and she was just being as silly as ever.

She made the pass by the quilt machine, pointing it out (totally ‘Vanna White’ style) and walked backwards…turned around on one foot and tripped.  {to this day, she swears she tripped on the machines cord, but she totally did not}

Now-now, if you know anything about our family, we like to have a good time.  We are crazy, we have fun, and when tragedy strikes you can almost guarantee we will laugh our heads off.  This was no exception.  We laughed, (really until we were crying.  Cracking jokes, all while the camera rolls.)  Then Mom says, ‘No really.  I think I broke my leg.’  We (both my brother and I) didn’t believe her.  We thought she was just being dramatic.  🙂  {how rude, right?}  We joked about the ambulance coming to pick her up…It didn’t take long though, to realize she needed to go to the Doctor, and quick.

Anyway, to make a long story short-ish, it was BROKEN.  And it took forever to heal.  {actually, it didn’t heal at first. then they had to actually pin it together}

For us this couldn’t have happened at a worse time.  Really.  We had only been open 3 months.  I knew basically NOTHING about quilting.  Heck, I loved fabric.  The colors, the styles, and putting them together.  But actually quilting and sewing?  Not really my thing {back then} ha-ha, but Mom’s first videos are in a wheel chair and on pain medicine.  Not great, but it worked….

Our family pulled together and we made it happen.  Natalie learned the quilt machine and basically kept us going for the first 6-7 months.  Amy {our awesome friend and longest non-family employee} helped with classes and got us through this tough time also.    Keep in mind we were all working for free.  {we are a start up, with no money. remember?}  That is the beauty of family.  We all worked like dogs just to stay open.

Mom, she was miserable.  She hated being away, but she kept herself busy sewing in her bed.  LOL, really.  She hand sewed everything, and  that is where she fell in love with dresden plates.  Hahah!  Don’t get me wrong she was in the shop some too, but wasn’t as often as she had planned.

The silver lining in this situation for me, was that we all really HAD to learn everything.  Mom was on speed dial, and answered questions, but we really had to figure a lot of stuff out on our own. {umm, and she was on pain medicine.  so a lot of what she said didn’t make sense anyway.} Haha.  She’s gonna kill me for saying that!  🙂

We still had LOTS of growing and learning.  Oh, and obviously we decided to stay open.  Good thing, right.

So much more to come…