Vintage Jenny | Chevron Block

It doesn’t get easier than this classic quilt block! Using Layer Cakes cut into half-square triangles, the chevron quilt block is the perfect project for a new beginner quilter! Even if you’ve been stitching up quilts for awhile now, this simple pattern offers a unique opportunity to quilt in a hurry (not like any of us would EVER wait until the last minute to make a handmade gift).

To make this into a full quilt, all you’ll need is a solid layer cake and a printed layer cake – but the good news is you can truly make this pattern with any size of precut fabric and any colors. To make your first block, take a square from each of your color selections and put them right sides together, then sew along the outer edge with a quarter inch seam allowance. Then all you need to do is cut them diagonally corner to corner in both directions! Just like that you already have four half-square triangles that are ready to be pressed flat, arranged into a chevron pattern and stitched together – talk about simple sewing!

Needing some more inspiration to create this beautiful block? While the Vintage Jenny tutorial fabrics are no longer in production (just like a classic quilt they’re a product of their time) check out our suggestions below for five current lines of fabric that make this quilt come together with ease!

Buzzworthy 10″ Squares by Kanvas Studio for Kanvas Studio

See what all the buzz is about with these elegant black and yellow 10″ squares of honeybees, chamomile, crowns, and more.

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Kaffe Fassett Collective August 2021 Dark 10″ Squares by Kaffe Fassett for FreeSpirit Fabrics

Dive into Kaffe with this 10″ square pack! You can have all the Kaffe Fassett prints your creative heart desires with the new Kaffe Fassett Collective collection, especially if your project calls for dark colors.

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Happy Chance 10″ Squares by Laura Heine for Windham Fabrics

Take a chance with this 10” square pack! The odds are in your favor with the Happy Chance collection by Laura Heine for Windham Fabrics! These fanciful fabrics are full of multicolor florals, paper mache collages, and dressmaking motifs.

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Tula Pink’s True Colors 10″ Squares by Tula Pink for FreeSpirit Fabrics

Let your true colors shine through with Tula Pink’s new collection! It features some of her most popular prints in fresh colors to accent and enhance her existing fabric collections. These vibrant colors are so beautiful, they’re sure to add life to your next project.

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Big T Origami Quilt

Big T Origami Quilt by Jenny Doan of the Missouri Star Quilt Company.

The smallest origami crane ever made was just .1 mm square (that’s 1/25 of an inch!) The all-time largest measured a whopping 256 feet. And this week we’re working on the world’s coziest origami! 

The Big T Origami quilt is based on an antique favorite. It’s sometimes called Folded Corners, and it comes together quickly with flying geese and half square triangles. 

Big T Origami Quilt by Jenny Doan of the Missouri Star Quilt Company.

In this tutorial, Jenny shares the secret to perfectly sharp flying geese points, and she uses her trusty squaring tool and bias seam tape to keep everything as neat and tidy as true origami! 

Watch the Latest Tutorial from Missouri Star Quilt Co!

Sew Fast & Fun: Red Heart Fancy Zipper Bag

Valentine’s day is right around the corner and if you’re looking for a treaty for your sweetie (or treat yourself, we won’t judge!) then the Red Heart Fancy Zipper Bag is an easy and quick project that is simply bursting with love! Nothing says love like a handmade project, so treat someone special in your life to a fantastic new bag to show your love!

Supplies Needed:

Two 1/3 Yard Cuts of Contrasting Fabric

One Missouri Star 14″ Fancy Zips

Bosal In-R-Form Double-Sided Fusible Plus

Even if you’ve never worked with Bosal In-R-Form before, have no fear! This project is as easy as they come and creates an adorable free standing back that makes the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day. Cut both of your fabric choices into 12″x21″ rectangles (you may even have enough to make two bags)! Once that is complete, you’ll also need to cut your Bosal In-R-Form into the same 12″x21″ rectangle. Lay the Bosal In-R-Form down first, followed by the first fabric facing up and the second fabric facing down. Add some straight quarter-inch seams on both short sides of this stack and be sure to use some pins to keep everything together and even.

Open on both sides of the fabric and flip right sides out, at this point both fabrics should be facing out with the Bosal In-R-Form in the center. Hold this in place and press to activate the adhesive. Looks at that! You’re almost done! Fold both sides of your fabric sandwich in and add a Missouri Star Fancy Zips to create an open ended box that will take form once you box everything up and work on those corners. Now that you have the basic ideas of this project (we told you it was SEW easy!) check out Misty’s full tutorial complete with instructions to bring this project together in time for Valentine’s Day!

Baskets & Butterflies Quilt

The Baskets & Butterflies quilt tutorial from Missouri Star Quilt Co.

Every year when the weather turns cold, the peacock butterfly finds a cozy bed inside a hollow tree. There she naps for months at a time, with her wings wrapped around her body like a quilt. 

At the first sign of spring she emerges, wonderfully refreshed and ready to flutter!  (Add a tiny sewing machine and a stack of pretty precuts, and I’d call that the perfect winter!)

The Baskets & Butterflies quilt tutorial from Missouri Star Quilt Co.

This week Jenny is stitching up a new butterfly quilt using a border print and layer cake from the beautiful Elysian collection by Jason Yenter for In the Beginning Fabrics. 

She starts with pieced basket blocks and adds easy applique handles. The quilt is finished with a sprinkling of butterfly blocks, a cheater cloth backing, and that gorgeous butterfly border. 

No matter the weather, these butterflies will keep you snug as a bug for many years to come!

Watch the Latest Tutorial from Missouri Star Quilt Co!

Triple Play! Crumb Quilt, Carpenter’s Square, Full Circle

Quick! Gather your scraps! We’re making crumb quilts today! 

When you truly love fabric – and I KNOW you do – you simply can’t toss away those beautiful bits and pieces; you have to make ‘em into something fabulous! So for this month’s Triple Play quilt tutorial, Jenny and the girls have whipped up 3 great crumb piecing projects. 

Jenny’s crumb quilt is framed with a crumb-style piano key border, Natalie’s crumb-pieced Carpenter’s Square comes together just like a charm quilt, and Misty’s Full Circle quilt combines crumb piecing with the classic orange peel. 

(I sure hope your scrap bin is full. These projects are so fun, you’ll want to make them all!)

Jenny’s Quilt

Natalie’s Quilt

Misty’s Quilt

Watch the Latest Tutorial from Missouri Star Quilt Co!