ModBLOCK Contributor: Meet Lisa Hirsch

We were so happy to work with Lisa! She is also a local, not far from us here in Hamilton (lucky us!) and it was truly a pleasure spending more time with her as we collaborated! We learned a lot while working with her but we also learned a lot about her from the Q&A session! Enjoy!! 🙂

Meet Lisa Hirsch

Lisa Hirsche

Lisa’s project in ModBLOCK was ‘Hexi Gems’


What is your sewing/quilting/crafting/art background?

I have an art/art education background from Michigan State University. I currently teach drawing, jewelry, and sculpture at the high school level. So, being creative and artful is embedded into everyday routine. I love that I get to share techniques and the creative processes with my students.

My sewing background goes all the way back to before I was in 3rd grade. The women in my family have taught me so much about sewing and crafting. My paternal grandmother used to sew window treatments for a living. My maternal grandmother sewed garments, but in her later years her main focus was cross-stitching. My mother used to make clothes for myself and my three other siblings, and lately for my two nieces. Since all three of these ladies were busy with their hands, as I spent time with them they passed on their talents. I didn’t get into quilting until about 2003.

I had made a quilt to use for my elementary art students to sit on during story time and I needed to figure out how to make it bigger. I didn’t know exactly what to do, but there was a quilt group at my church. There was a group of ladies willing to share their time and talent to guide me in the right direction.

Because I teach the classical art mediums all day long, I was looking for something else-yet creative to do when I got home at night. So in the last ten years the more I got involved with my church guild, my local guild and my local modern guild I have found the most amazing creative outlet for myself in the quilting arts.

How did you get started in this business?

Not sure if I am in the “business” or not. I enjoy the quilting process and all the ways to create quilts with fabric. I stay involved in the quilt community for several reasons. I know I had a good foundation in sewing basics with my grandmothers, mother and middle school sewing classes, but through the other quilt groups that I participate in, I am always learning something new. With my church group I am the youngest person by about 25 years, so the ladies there have taught me a great respect for learning the fundamentals, being accurate and having a plan. I like to push their creative sides by introducing them to new things from all the various social media sites that I visit. You should have been there when I taught them about MSQC. It was amazing to see them light up with new ideas.

Tell us about your collection(s) and /or pattern style.

I feel like I have a couple of different reasons for creating a quilt. I have 3 categories I normally fall into. Sometimes you have a “gotta get it done” type of a quilt. Not necessarily the most creative invention, but it is important to cherish an event/milestone.  Sometimes you make a quilt because you want to learn a new technique or skill. It is great when there is a group of quilters working on this skill or pattern together so you have support / accountability. Most of the time there is a plan / pattern involved.  Sometimes you make a quilt by experimentation. I get inspired or challenged to make a visual representation of an idea. I can use my art background and sewing skills to manipulate fabric, colors and textures. It is about the learning adventure and the process. It doesn’t matter who it is for, you are making because you are a creative being – you just have to get it out of you.

What are you inspired by?

Like most creative people I find inspiration from so many different things. A line of fabric might spark an idea, a design idea might develop from a piecing technique I am trying out or inspiration could come from a quilt guild challenge.

I love a good challenge. I always try to take the guild parameters and incorporate personal rules such as trying to incorporate unlikely textures, how to learn a sewing techniques or how to infuse one of my favorite artists into it.

How would you describe your style?

I usually find myself gravitating to warm color palettes. I enjoy clean geometric designs. I recognize that about myself and can fall into this warm color world for quite awhile, so I try to push myself to explore other things too. I will always prefer bold/saturated colors. I like tone on tone fabrics that explore the boundaries of what is considered a solid or textural. I find that if I don’t try it out you might miss out on something you could love.

What are some of your greatest challenges in your design process?

Finishing. I love starting things. I really get fired up to plan, gather fabrics, pick out colors, creating a design, cutting and piecing. Then there is a three-quarters of the way in point that find myself I getting bored and loose the motivation to move on. Going to sewing retreats helps me work on all my WIP.

Do you have an online presence on social media: Facebook? YouTube? Pinterest? IG? (If yes, please list)

I am on Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram – lhirsch54

If you could learn to do anything, what would it be?

To be patient/learn to enjoy my hand sewing endeavors. It takes me forever.

What’s the hardest thing you’ve ever done?

Quilting related – I was working on a quilt and the instructions for the on-point setting of the corners was written so awkwardly I referred to it as the six sided quilt. It took awhile for me to figure it out, but I got it done when I went on a quilting retreat. So, I really appreciate well written directions.

Who are your creative inspirations, heros?

My quilt guild friends are a huge creative inspiration. Especially Arelene Banks and Douglas Carr without their encouragement I wouldn’t have entered this design competition.

Do you have a signature color? If not, what would it be?

Lately it has been reds and oranges. I love saturated jewel tone colors.

What trends or colors do you predict being hot in 2015?

Mixing textures of fabrics. I love added dimension that linen, cross weave fabrics can give to a quilt when mixed in with regular quilting cottons.

What is your favorite fabric line of all time?

Carolyn Friedlander designs are so beautiful to me. I especially like Botanics. I appreciate the hand drawn elements, the play between organic and geometric designs and the color palettes she combines together are so well thought out and balanced. I really like that you can pull fabrics together from across all three of her lines to make them work together. Working with Doe was such a pleasure and an honor.

What is your favorite MSQC tool and/or other tool you use all the time?

Having the right tool for the job is priceless. It makes the work more enjoyable when you have reliable tools. So I love my Olfa rotary cutter,

Clover – brown handle seam ripper, and Frixion pens.

What projects do hope to see made with your collection? OR What upcoming fabric lines would you choose to use with your patterns?

With the Hexi Gem pattern I think that it would support a variety of different fabric lines. I hope that everyone can customize color palette to their liking. I was thinking about doing a blue and white version for  the winter months.

Is there an experience or accomplishment you are most proud of?

Being part of the KCMQG and taking advantage of the things they have to offer, including this design challenge, have changed my life.

Thanks for answering our questions, Lisa! 🙂 Check back to read more Q&A’s with the other ModBLOCK contributors!