Mail in Machine Quilting Miracles

I am excited to share this picture with you all today.

2 Customer Quilts
2 Customer Quilts

Aren’t these quilts gorgeous?  We loved them the minute we opened the box they came in from a customer to be machine quilted.  In the box was a letter from the quilter explaining that she had taken these two quilts in to be quilted at her local shop and was turned away.  Her local shop said that they were unable to quilt it, because “they just weren’t straight enough”.

Can you imagine … gorgeous quilts like this being turned away?!  Now, we have seen some pretty rumply quilts in our day, and neither of these were bad at all.  We’re not going to say that we make magic happen with every quilt, but with some effort most things can be quilted.  Don’t get discouraged if your project isn’t perfect; most quilts are just fine, and remember, the results get better with every quilt!

When we machine quilted these quilts, we just loved how they turned out and so did the customer.  We absolutely love quilting the amazing things you send us.  There’s nothing better than opening up a box with someone’s unique creation inside – it’s such a great part of our day!  If you haven’t already checked out our online machine quilting section you really should by clicking here. We are continually updating our patterns that are available and will increase our batting options in the future.  If there is something you’d like, but you don’t see it give us a call.  We just might be able to help.

Hope you get lots of quilting done this week!
Have a great day.