Local Business Spotlight: Levi Garrison & Sons Brewing Co.

We are known as Quilt Town, USA, but we are so much more than that. When you plan your next visit to Missouri Star, be sure to add some of our other local businesses to your itinerary so your trip to Hamilton will be extra special! Our most recent Local Business Spotlight segment will have you craving a nice cold beverage and adding another stop to your bucket list!

Formally a college professor, Scott Falke now owns a beautiful industrial style micro-brewery located inside of an old brick building. We sat down to talk with Scott on an early Friday afternoon and people were already pouring in to start their weekend with a good brew and good conversation.

Local Business Spotlight: Brewery

As Scott kindly offered up the story of how Levi Garrison & Sons came to be, we learned that he has a deep passion for service and giving back. Before the brewery, Scott was an associate professor of biology at William Jewell and a major in the U.S. Army Reserve. In 2010, Scott was called to active duty in Afghanistan and received a Bronze Star for his service. Serving his country, family, and community is very important to this brew-master. He is definitely the type of person you want to see as you stop in for a drink at your local brewery after a 40-hour work week or if you are just passing through town.

After Afghanistan, Scott realized he needed a change and so he took the plunge into opening a brewery. It was a risk that really paid off! Scott now runs the business with his cousins and nephew. The family owned company has become tremendously successful in it’s almost five year life span. The name, you are probably wondering, was inspired by the family’s history. Scott’s great-grandfather owned a sorghum business in Osceola, Missouri some decades ago named, Levi Garrison & Sons Country Sorghum. After a trademark issue with the brewery’s original name, this little family history made its way into today’s local brewery in Hamilton.

Local Business Spotlight: Brewery

Levi Garrison & Sons is home to several fundraiser events throughout the year including Harry’s Brews & BBQ in which funds are given to the Hamilton Volunteer Fire Department, a Kegs & Eggs Oktoberfest in which proceeds go towards the Caldwell County Foundation Cancer Assistance, and the Cornhole Tournament which helps provide the Hamilton Park Board with the means to support sporting events and field updates.

Local Business Spotlight: Brewery

When you first walk into the building, you will see friendly faces, comfy furniture, messages of thankfulness on colorful glass windows that lead right into the brew rooms welcoming you to a good beer and cozy atmosphere. If you are hungry, you can even order food from two of our local restaurants, J’s Burger Dive and Hank and Tanks BBQ, which will be delivered to you right in the tap room!

Local Business Spotlight: Brewery

“Oatmeal cream stout hands down is my favorite beer ever! Second amendment is pretty good as well.”
Mikayla Novak,
resident of Hamilton and Mug Club Member

“My favorite brew is Zach’s Wheat… I enjoy the laid back atmosphere… and the other brews that perfectly [represent] Hamilton.”
Kristopher Bruce,
Mayor of Hamilton and Mug Club Member

So next time you are in town, make your way over the brewery for some of the best beer in the Midwest! Be sure to like their Facebook page to keep up with opening hours, events, new brews, or mug club happenings!