Lemon Fresh Productions: the new filming studio!


Today we’re giving a behind the scenes tour of Lemon Fresh Productions, the new filming studio where Jenny films her tutorials. The studio is on the upper level of one of the buildings we’ve renovated here in downtown Hamilton. Lemon Fresh is owned by Jenny’s son, Jake!


Jake films Jenny’s tutorials as well as videos and tutorials for others. Because of the busy filming schedule, this space isn’t available for tours. We hope this peek is a good stand in for you!


If you’ve ever been to Jenny’s house, you know she loves antiques, but Jake isn’t crazy about them.  We wanted a modern space that would give us room to change things up since Jenny is just one of many people that we work with. (But she’s the coolest one!)


So Jake and Ron built Jenny some awesome shelves out of antique doors, brought in some of her fun knick knacks and worked with her to create a set that felt like home but that isn’t a permanent fixture of the overall studio. Everything in each set is on rollers so we can move things in and out easily depending on what we are filming each day. 

The studio features a bright open office space, large film studio, hair and makeup area, kitchen, and sound recording area. We wanted to make sure that we used every inch of the space to it’s full potential and we feel like we’ve done that.
It’s still a work in progress but we absolutely love having the room to grow!