Introducing Missouri Star Souvenir Fabric

There is something special about Quilt Town, USA. Walking down Davis Street, you can feel the quilty inspiration, and no visit to Missouri Star is complete with picking up a yard or two (okay, okay, maybe a dozen) of fabric.  

A wonderful way to commemorate your visit to Missouri Star (or your Missouri Star fandom) is with our brand new souvenir fabric. With eight different fabrics, featuring our Welcome to Hamilton mural, Chuck the Chicken Duck, our Missouri Star logo, Jenny’s favorite sayings and a signature Missouri Star collage, these gorgeous fabrics can be stitched into bags, table runners, quilts and so much more!

Shop our Missouri Star souvenir fabrics HERE.  

Today, Misty is stitching up an All Purpose Apron, and you can find the FREE pattern download HERE!

If you are still looking for more fun ways to stitch up the Missouri Star souvenir fabric, then check out our Reversible Bag Pattern that you can purchase HERE.