Employee Fat Quarter Challenge 2019

Once a year the team members who work in our shops here in Hamilton participate in a fat quarter challenge. The rules of the challenge are simple, but the results are incredible! They must each pick out two fat quarters and a bag of scraps, after that their imagination can run wild with ideas as there are no rules to what they can create!

When all of the projects have been submitted, they are then voted on by both their fellow team members and our guests in-town until there are 10 left. Once the top 10 are chosen, another vote takes place until the final four are determined!

We were so inspired by their gorgeous creations that we decided to interview the winners to find out more about what sparked their creativity!

1st place, Annette – The theme for her managers’ team is a pineapple, so when she saw a tiny pineapple block, the idea just clicked! Annette enjoys challenging herself and was also looking for a piece to hang up in the dining room of her new home, her hard work paid off!

2nd place, Jennie – After noticing many of our guests bringing in paper piecing projects, Jennie decided to finally give it a try and completely knocked it out of the park!

3rd place, Deb – With her recently built porch looking bare, she decided to create a reversible flag that represents two seasons, made using Jenny’s Ribbon Star tutorial!

4th place, Kamilyn – Inspired by an idea that she found on Pinterest, Kami created this beautiful embroidery pillow that is now in her living room!

From left to right are the top four winners of the 2019 Employee Fat Quarter Challenge!

Thank you to all of the wonderful shop associates who participated for your hard work and creativity!

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