Celebrating Coral

Pantone’s Color of the Year will make you cheer! Chosen by experts of the Pantone Color Institute, Living Coral made the cut for the 2019 Color of the Year Award!

For the last twenty years, Pantone’s team of color experts has searched the globe for the color that will bring you the most joy year after year. Their color trend analysis consists of looking at popular movies, sporting events, upcoming artists, and even the latest technologies and lifestyle trends for colors that capture our hearts.

Living Coral was chosen as a symbol for people living in the new digitized culture to reconnect with the world. As a living organism that provides a home for marine life, protects our shorelines, and recycles nutrients, I’d say Coral was just what we needed this year to interact once again with the living world and our own creative abilities!

Rebecca Bryan of Bryan House Quilts and Sarah Elizabeth of No Hats in the House are putting on a Living Coral quilt contest that runs until June 14, 2019. The objective will be to use at least some living coral (or similar shade) to make a small project, quilt top, or finished quilt. See all the rules and regulations at NoHatsintheHouse. Submissions will be judged by these three amazing women:

Erika Bea, quilter and pie baker.
Lucy Tiffney, wallpaper creator and interior designer.
Tula Pink, fabric designer and author!

Enter the Contest

Whether you want to join in the contest or just make extravagant works of art, we’ve gathered up our own best living coral fabrics to help inspire your next project!

Bring your ideas to life with these coral color combinations and fun pattern ideas!

Coral mixed with navy or aqua looks good in just about anything, but add batiks to the mix and your coral will look alive. Make mug rugs for a backyard BBQ, the cabin down at the lake, or your next beach vacation!
Coral and raspberry don’t sound very appealing together, but after a glance at this Radiance Quilt, you’ll definitely change your mind. Add pieces of black fabric into this quilt and make a real show stopper!
Coral and grey gets our cutest couple vote. The feminine coral against the masculinity of the grey really pops! Make this Rhombus Cube Quilt and create a colorful illusion!

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