The Final Stitch

Join Natalie for The Final Stitch from Missouri Star Quilt Company!
The Final Stitch premiers every other Wednesday on Facebook and YouTube!

Have you heard about The Final Stitch? In Missouri Star’s latest series, Natalie Earnheart answers real questions from quilters just like you about a variety of topics to make sure that each and every project you begin has a end! From selecting the quilt backing fabric to identifying which quilt batting is best for your project, The Final Stitch is the perfect finish line for your quilting projects!

Join Natalie for The Final Stitch from Missouri Star Quilt Company!
Ask those tough questions and get real answers from Natalie Earnheart as she guides you through the last steps of project completion!

Are you finally ready to finish your beautifully pieced quilt top? In the Final Stitch, Natalie breaks down directions like “quilt and bind as desired” into bite-sized lessons to help you complete your quilts. Along the way, you’ll also learn plenty of easy tips and tricks to make finishing your projects a pleasure instead of a pain. She’ll teach you everything from sandwiching your quilt with just the right batting and backing to taking the final stitch!

Ready to finally finish that UFO? Check out this video below to get a better feel for the newest series from Missouri Star Quilt Co! Whether you’re using quilting panels, precut fabric squares or fabric by the yard, The Final Stitch has the answers for you!

Join us for The Final Stitch every other Wednesday at Missouri Star Quilt Co!