Card Trick Quilt Tutorial

Watch and learn with Jenny as she creates the Card Trick

It’s just amazing. A magician can perform a trick RIGHT in front of my eyes, and I still can’t figure out how it is done! I stare without blinking, watch every move, and somehow never catch a glimpse of the card up his sleeve or the coin hidden in his left palm. My brain knows it’s an illusion, but all I can see is pure magic.


Learn along with Jenny as she shows you a simple way to make the Card Trick Quilt.

This week Jenny is stitching up her version of the Card Trick quilt. This classic block has the illusion of being difficult, but we know better! Jenny has a few tricks of her own to make this project as easy as “abracadabra!” Click HERE to watch the tutorial!

Diagram for Jenny's Card Trick quilt


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