Under Construction

Under Construction

Today we’re bringing you a quick peek at some more of the progress here on the main drag in Hamilton.

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Brick work is underway on the next quilt shop (#5!), which will open this summer. This one will be our batiks shop! As you can see, it sits right next door to the Sew Seasonal shop.



Across the street, back on the same block as the main shop, is a new restaurant named Blue Sage. This building has been home to restaurants before, but it’s getting a bit of a redesign for Chef Chad Rigby, seen here giving the project two thumbs up! The outdoor patio was just poured last week. Yahoo!



Blue Sage will be a great place to take a date or to sit down for a nice, fancy lunch after some quilt shop hopping. We can’t wait to share more as the restaurant gets closer to opening (this summer!).

Seeing this buildings hopping with activity and full of construction crews sure is a pretty sight and makes our hearts so happy. We’ll get back to work so it can be finished in time for your visit!

  • mortonkarena

    They’re going to be changing the name of the town to Doan Town! Wait…Doanton Abbey!
    Congratulations. Can’t wait to take my road trip!

  • GrammaBabs

    I am just so pleased with being able to watch the progress of a family owned business with the added bonus of helping a town thrive! At 67 (though young of spirit) it makes my heart sing seeing old fashioned family values at work!
    As a non traveler, especially not without DH…. My trip in Sept. for the quilt forum meeting is something I tell my friends is my “Bucket List”..they have traveled the world and yet still think I am “brave” making this journey with someone I’ve never met in person to be with a group of people I have also never met..LOL Non quilters just don’t get it…
    I’m guessing this venture brings you and your family as much joy as it does US!!!

  • Jean Sewing Machine

    Are the living quarters above the Sew Seasonal and Batik shop being renovated for use? Who wouldn’t want to love above a fabric store? I would!

  • JenniferMSQC

    Some of our staff live in the apartments above the shop. We could probably come up with something great for ya. 😉

  • JenniferMSQC

    Thank you sooooo much, GrammaBabs! We are so proud of you for taking a quilting “bucket list” journey!! And yes, we’re having the time of our lives and LOVE working together.

  • JenniferMSQC

    HAHA!!! Doanton Abbey! We love the sound of that. Hamilton is home and we are thrilled to be able to help. We can’t wait to meet you!

  • Dianne Nabors

    I love everything about your success story of MSQC. It just shows what you can do when you set your mind to it and work hard. I have traveled a bit and been in many small towns where old building have been refurbished to house all kinds of specialty shops and antique stores – another hobby of mine. However, I have never been in a small town almost complete built around quilt shops and quilting activities. I hope I live long enough to travel to your town someday. I also love it when I receive my orders and every package has a personal note from the person that put my order together. I just can’t find anything that you fiolks don’t do best!

  • Hi, Jean! The space above Sew Seasonal is being converted into a smaller retreat space for roughly 10 people. We’ll be sure to share it when it’s ready! And living above a fabric store…. dreamy, right?!